Love Is Green Chapter 1.0

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Love Is Green

Chapter 1

A Prawn and Mayo Sandwich

Alison Banks was a twenty-seven year old junior detective for the Dobson and Barnes Private Detective Agency in London. She had been working at the agency for over a year when she, alongside her partner Jackson Matthews, had stumbled upon something odd. The pair of them had discovered that a string of men and women, between the age of twenty and thirty, had gone missing in the Kensington area.  They tried searching high and low for the twenty or so people who had disappeared, but to no avail. It was worrying that there were no bodies to count of. They had simply disappeared.  The days turned into weeks which then turned into months. The tabloids got wind of the police and the detectives blunders and failures to find these missing people and it was bringing everyone down. And after a massive police hunt in May, there was still no sign of any of them and it played on Alison’s mind constantly.

                During one blustery autumn day, Alison was sitting at her desk when Chief Inspector Dobson came over and placed a large file on her desk. Frowning she moved forwards and opened the folder. Glancing at it she saw that it was a comprised file of illegal exotic animal trading from London across to Europe and Asia. There were even some illegal trading to Canada and America. Looking up, she saw Chief Inspector Dobson walk off without saying another word. He had been a little down lately; the case that Jackson and Alison were working on affected him too. One of the persons who had gone missing was his twenty-four year old niece, Cleo.

                Alison felt as though she had been brushed aside with this new case and decided to have a word with her boss. Bringing the files of the illegal trade and the KMP’s, the Kensington Missing Persons, she went to his office and knocked on the door.

                The chief looked up and beckoned her in with his beefy hand. Entering, she flashed him the new file. ‘Really? I’m not worth being on the KMP case?’

                Sighing, he offered a seat in front of his desk. ‘Alison,’ he started, his Scottish accent still prominent in his voice even after living in London was near on thirty years, ‘You’ve done your best, both you and Jackson but there’s been no breakthrough. Frankly, I’m disappointed. Perhaps you are too young.’

                ‘Well no one has been taken for a couple of months,’ she told him feeling disparaged.

                ‘Be that as it may, I’m transferring the case onto more experienced detectives.’

                A small pang of guilt tweaked in her stomach. She felt affronted. ‘The reason why you put me on this case was because you felt I could understand why these people were taken. More experienced people won’t get it.’

                ‘You haven’t got it either,’ he snapped loudly then shook his head. ‘I’m sorry,’ he apologised. ‘Cleo is still missing and I’m tormented by my family every day. They want some answers, whether it’s good or… ’ he cut himself off and coughed. ‘I’m sorry Alison, but I’m taking you off the case.’

                ‘And giving me illegal trade in animals? I don’t get it.’

                He looked up at her in a quizzical way. ‘Read through the file properly, you’ll find it interesting to say the least.’

                She sighed, feeling annoyed that she had let him down. Leaving the KMP case on his desk, she picked up the illegal trade case and made for the door. ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t help you,’ she said sadly and left his office.

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