Chapter 25

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Rachael's POV

I swear the guys rigged and motion sensor camera outside our house because almost immediately after we got home Jax's phone went off saying that he has to come in.

Jax's POV

" remind me again why had to come?" I asked as we got off our bikes at caracara.

" because the girls don't feel safe so LuAnne asked if we stay around for s while. " bobby said.

" I'll stay here as long as they need" chibs said passing us.

I rolled my eyes a followed them in.

Rachael's POV

I called Neeta; a babysitter Gemma recommended to watch Scarlett because Gemma wanted to run some errands. And didn't think it would be a good idea for her to come. I really didn't get why but I don't question Gemma anymore.

" Ready?" Gemma asked.

"Yep let's go." I said and turned to Scarlett. " I'll be home soon sweetie, be good for Neeta. " I told my daughter and kissed he forehead then left with Gemma.

"So where are we going?"

"We are gonna do some shopping, grab some lunch and then visit the guys."
I nodded as Gemma drove us to our destination.


After our lunch at the local dinner we left to see the guys.

"Gemma the clubhouse is the other way." I said. Wondering why she turned the opposite way.

"Oh um I may have forgot to mention that the guys are at caracara."

"Are you kidding me!!"

Yeah I know Jax and I are engaged now but I really don't like those caracara whores. And they always go for Jax to. Like are you serious right now.


I rolled my eyes as I stepped out of the car at caracara.

"I really hate this place." I said walking with Gemma.

"You and me both Rachael."

When we entered the building none of the girls bothered us, they knew who we were and not to mess with us.

I looked around for Jax and saw him seated on the couch with Ima in his lap who then also preceded to kiss Jax. And the best part he didn't try to stop her.
I saw red.
Ima was by far the worst person that could ever run into me.

She thought she could do whatever and whoever she wanted.
Well she was about to get a rude awakening.

I stormed up to Ima and ripped her off Jax; I punched her in the face successfully knocking her to the floor then picked her head up by her hair and slammed her face to the floor.

I didn't get to do anything else besides a swift kick to her side because someone had lifted me off her.

" stay away from Jax!" I yelled at her as I was carried outside.

I was set on my feet and saw that it was my dad who carried me out. And Jax exited the building a second after I was set down.

"What the hell was that?!" Jax yelled at me.
I saw my dad scowl at him from the corner of my eye but I didn't comment.

"No Jax what the hell was that?! I come in here and see you kissing that whore!"

"That's not what it looked like!"

"Are you sure Jax! Cuz you weren't pushing her away! Who knows what you would have done if I hadn't come in!" I yelled at him.

He stepped closer to me.

"I wouldn't do that to you!"

"Yeah right!" I rolled my eyes and started to walk away but was stopped when Jax grabbed my arm.
I tried to pulled away but he gripped tighter.

"Jax your hurting me." I whimpered.

That's when my dad stepped in and pulled me and Jax apart.

But I didn't get the chance to leave.

A cop care pulled up. And Unser stepped out.

"Great" my dad said from behind me.

"I'm sorry to have to do this to you but I have to take you in." Unser said to me.

I only nodded and he took out the cuffs.

"Is that necessary?" Both my dad and Jax asked.

"Yeah I'm really sorry I have to do this."

As soon as i was cuffed I was sat in the back of the police cruiser and as soon as Unser was pulling out I saw that smug duke on ima's face and almost got out of the car to beat her again.

"Look Rachael I'm sure Jax or your dad will bail you out almost as soon as we get back--" Unser started but I interrupted him.

"No." I said.


" don't let them. I don't want to see Jax. And my dad will understand that."

Unser nodded.



When the cruiser left I got on my bike and followed Unser to the station.

"Unser" I said when I came in the station. 

"Sorry Jax there's no bail."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean she doesn't want to be bailed out. She gave up her right and is staying here over night."

I sighed.

Of course she would do this.


Authors note: hey! So I kinda scraped my updated schedule. But I'm gonna keep trying to update regularly. My schedule is kinda hectic right now and I have tons of homework all the time but will post updated as frequently as possible.

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