Chapter 1

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Emily pov

Caleb pulled away from the guys neck and smiled, "thanks pal. love it. O+ right?" He said with a grin.

He held his neck shakily and nodded.

Caleb patted his shoulders, "alright. off you go."

He scampered away.

I groaned, "do you really have ti do that? Scare the crap out of the poor guy?" I asked.

Caleb chuckled, "em. I'm a vampire. i need blood. you need it too. you're a hybrid."

"No. you know i don't like hurting people." i said, irritation in my voice.

"Whatever. if you compel then you aren't hurting them." he said simply.

"Caleb. Mind washing isn't right. you're taking memories of someone's life." i said as we walked.

"God emily. You've been a hybrid for what? 2 years now? You hate everything about being a vampire."

"That's because i was happy with being just a werewolf. But no. you turned me into a hybrid by giving me your damned blood. i was a happy werewolf when i was in 8th grade but you ruined that for me." I stated angrily.

"Emily if i didn't turn you, you would've been dead. There was a knife in your chest and you drank wolfsbane during the full moon. let's not also forget you got caught in a bear trap."

I laughed, "that is true. Whatever. i still don't like being a vampire."

"You're gonna have to emily. You have been hiding this from everyone."

"Except aria." i pointed out.

"Well she's a witch. that's different." he said and chuckled.

"Whatever." i said and smiled.

My phone rang and hanna texted me,

Girls' night! Spencer's!

I sighed, "got to go. um tell toby that i will talk to him later about the full moon next week."


I super sped away to spencer's and walked in since obviously i was invited in years ago.

"hey em." alison immediately greeted me.

i smiled at the girl i have loved since the 8th grade.

"hey." i said and took my jacket off.

"so. what movie should we watch?" aria said.

"oh! let's do twilight! i love that movie." hanna said.

i groaned, "okay no." i said.

aria looked at me and giggled, knowing why i was bothered by that damned movie.

"why not? it's such a good movie." spencer said.

"because. it's insulting." i said.

shit...really emily? 4 years of being supernatural and you were fine with the secret. why clam up now? idiot.

"how is it insulting?" alison asked me.

i looked at her and she looked genuinely confused.

"it just is. the acting sucks and plus, no vampires shimmer in the sun." i said and rolled my eyes.

"and you know" spencer asked.

i shrugged, "i just do. it's stupid and makes no sense."

"let's just watch something else." aria said and flipped through DVD's.

"mean girls?" she offered up.

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