Sun Rise!!

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Hea guys

Well this is a short story that I wrote with the help of my fellow class mates Shannon, Alice and Holly.E



In a Faraway land called Madusa’s Place, where there was epic rain always gushing against like it was pushing you to your fate. Every corner you walked around a wishing tree would stand.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Was all that you could hear. In this strange town daylight never came! Not once in a million years. As some people said it was the town of Night! Every House, Shop and person was completely different. Some House’s would make you cry your eyes out; Some would make you drop to your knees for no reason. Many shops would make you move in a way you never did! Every Person would Walk, Talk, and even act differently!

The only nice part of Madusa’s Place was the bakery. It was a lovely Place. You could smell the sweet smell of Chocolate Éclairs. If you walked on the footpath you were sure to get run over, As to cars go on the footpath and people go on the road. This was definitely the dodgiest place in the world!

 In this strange town lived an old frail woman. She looked like a small wind would blow her over. She had ice cold skin and dark green eyes. Although she was old her hunch back made her look ancient and like a curly twig.

She loved this town, And lived here since her birth. Her dark green eyes seemed so inviting. Many people knew her, But no one ever saw them again! She was the owner of the bakery and her ice cold skin seemed to glisten against the rich chocolate éclairs. As she waited her long fingers tapped against the counter. Then a young boy’s voice spoke…

“Could I please get two chocolate éclairs?” The little boy said.

The woman looked the little boy in the eye, She made an evil laugh. “Come Along” She said, “I have a little treat for you.”

The boy was so excited he didn’t even realize that the woman was actually a witch! With a “Poof” and some smoke the woman turned into a witch. She had green greasy hair and a pointy pimpled nose.

Then she spoke again. “My name is Balfigel The witch!”

The Little boy screamed, He ran to the door and didn’t realize he was teleported to a dark room. He cried and cried; Then Balfigel got out her magic snake uke wand and yelled.

“Here you go eat up now “

And boom the boy disappeared!

 “I’m so dead, Its a horror movie and-“ Then a little boy interrupted me.

Wait a second he wasn’t little he was around my age in his twenties.

“Shoot No Do-“ I cut myself off!

Had I just been day dreaming what was going to happen?

“Come with me!” I said.

His eyes lit up and he followed me outside. Then he started to turn green and I started to freak out. But then I noticed it was just the Halloween lights reflecting on him.

“Im sorry, Have we met before it seems like I know you” He said.

“No but im Casey and y-“ I said before he interrupted me.

“Call me Blake.”

I sighed then said “Ok Blake, Lets start with getting to know each other. You start!”

He grinned. “Ok” He said “Well im a really good kisser!”