Chapter 5: O...o...o!

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***WARNING: The following chapter contains sexual situations. This is meant for anyone 18 years or older only.***

Gwen stood in the middle of her bedroom, her arm crossed over herself clasping her elbow, while her free hand tugged nervously at the bottom hem of her black cashmere sweater. She was biting her lower lip and felt very much like an awkward teenager waiting at the front door to say goodnight to the boy she had a crush on after their first date.

Her chocolate eyes widen as Dorian steps in front of her after closing the bedroom door. Again, she's taken in by his clean masculine scent and can't help the arousal that builds between her thighs. She definitely feels about ten years younger with the raging hormones and uneasiness of the situation. They aren't dating or even hooking up for the night or are they? He is standing in front of her, placing his hands gently on her arms and staring down at her with warmth. He just wants her to have an orgasm. That's all, she tells herself.

"This is weird." Gwen finally putting words to the moment.

Dorian's hand released her arm and is now brushing a few soft brown locks of hair from her face. His finger slowly dragging a line, a very hot line almost burning her skin, down to her lower lip, tugging it from her teeth.

"How is this weird?"

After gaining some nerve she glances up into his eyes which grow deeper in intensity, more aqua. They dance around her face and she can't help but smile. His soft, caring expression putting her more at ease.

"I don't know. Who does this? Who goes around giving people orgasms just because they haven't had one in a while?" Gwen was back to biting her lip again.

Despite Gwen's reservation about all this, Dorian got right down to business. His hands moved to the hem of her sweater, pushing her own away and began to peel it off her body. Which she let happen. Once the cold rush of air hit her as he tossed her top aside Gwen cupped her breasts.

"This guy," Dorian tossed a thumb back at himself and tsked. "Now we will have none of that Gwen. These beautiful ladies are to be admired, I told you that last night. I finally get a chance to get up close and personal with Charlotte and Victoria and I don't want you taking any time away from me." Dorian's fingers flutter over the black lacy trim of the satin bra, pushing her hands away.

"I like that you are wearing a supportive bra. Not some flimsy frilly thing, only meant for show. The ladies need comfort and attention. You do them justice Gwen." Dorian strolls around her like he is a designer and she is modeling his latest creation.

He sighs, "As much as I am happy you treat them properly, this undergarment is just going to have to go." The tightness from the garment loosens and Gwen enjoys the cool freedom she didn't realize until right then she longed for. His hands push the bra forward so it slips down her arms and onto the floor.

"Is that really important to you Dorian? What sort of bra I wear? Do you work in the underwear industry or something?" Gwen couldn't help but giggle at him as he is taking all this way too seriously.

Dorian comes to stand in front of her, his brow furrowed as he stares into her eyes, "This is no laughing matter Gwen. No I am a Software Developer, but that's not important now. What's important is proper treatment of the most gorgeous breasts I have ever seen. I can't even call them tits, which is what I usually refer to them as. Tits seems too stunted a word for yours."

"Now you are being weird Dorian. You haven't even touched them yet. Are you going to end up writing poetry about them, because I am feeling that this right here could easily go in that direction?" Gwen smirks at him, surprisingly at ease in front of the man she barely knows despite being completely naked from the waist up.

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