10-The Plan

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Author’s Note

Ok, for the people that actually read my story, I need you to tell people about my story.  If I don’t get more readers soon, I might stop writing.  I’m still thinking about it.  I did get 100 reads though, but i want more!  Please enjoy this chapter!


So I was cleared from the hospital today.  It’s Saturday night.  I missed so much school. I also wonder what is going on with Angel and Logan.  He probably has killed her already. Haha.

I have had 10 missed calls and 24 texts from him but I agreed with Angel that this is her time with him.

I only have 1 more day until I find out if he chose me.  Only 1 more day and I can be with him again.

On the way home, Nate and I figured out our plan.  Homecoming is coming up this Friday.  Nate is going to ask her to that.

I still don’t know who I am going to go with.  Maybe I will just go by myself.  It’s not like I will be able to go with Logan.  We would totally get noticed.

Anyway, right now Nate and I are finalizing our plans.  I always knew he had this talent but no one else knows.  This is going to be so perfect.

I want Monday to come so bad!  I never thought I would say that.

Logan hugged me goodbye and thanked me for helping him with the plan.  I am so happy for him.  I really hope she says yes.

I fell asleep tonight quickly and happily knowing that after tomorrow, Angel was going to be gone for good.



I woke up early that morning wanting to find out if Angel texted me yet.  And sure enough, she did.

Angel: U can come whenever U R ready sweetheart.

Me: On my way.

I quickly got dressed in some white capris and a baby blue, fitted tank top.  My hair fell in perfect curls down my back as I finished curling it.  I then put on my cute, blue sandals that matched my shirt.  I then finished off with some light make up.

I might as well look cute for Logan, right?

After five minutes I arrived at his house.

Logan and Angel were sitting on the couch in his apartment and he had his face in his hands.

When he heard me enter he looked up at me and ran his hands through his sexy, black hair.

I was expecting a smile.  Wasn’t he glad to see me?  I began to get a little worried.

“Hey Chlo.  We need to talk.  I know about your deal.  I know what she did to you.  I know that you love me.  I just can’t be with you.”  He looked at me sympathetically.

I turned to Angel. “What did you do?  Are you black mailing him?  He would never choose you over me!”

“He would if I was having his baby!” She said to me confidently.

“Oh my god.  Is this true Logan?” Tears started forming in my eyes.  I looked him in his gorgeous eyes.  “After all she did to you?  Just because she is pregnant?  How do you know if it is even yours?”

I looked down at the floor.  He did as well.  “She told me that she never slept with the other man.  They didn’t go that far.  She also said that she was only with him because she needed money.  She lost her job and she was ashamed so she didn’t tell me.  Angel needed money so the man paid her to be with him.”

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