Saving me

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Lucy P.O.V
I sighed placing a hand under my chin. "You didn't have to do that you know. It's not like I was going to accept."

Natsu chuckled lightly. "Why is that?"

I pouted clutching my hands in my lap. "He's a playboy. I hate playboys."

Noticing his smile, Natsu seemed relieved at my answer.

"So you never did tell me what happened between you and Lisanna." I glanced to him curiously. His expression was unchanged.

"Well turns out she wasn't who I thought she was. So I dumped her." He explained plainly. I don't know why but I felt a little happy.

"That's kinda harsh you know." I smirked and he pursed his lips.

"That's what you get when you talk bad about the one I love." He said subconsciously. A small blush appeared on my face.

"T-the one you love?" I stuttered feeling my eyes turning into swirls.

"Yeah. You of course." He smile brightly with a small blush on his face meanwhile I looked like a tomato.

"I-I like you too ya know." And he blushed a little harder.

"T-Then that settles it." He face became more serious.


"You are my girlfriend now." Woah talk about turn of events.

He pulled up next to a celebrity cafe.

"Chu~" he puckered his lips but I smacked him back.

"I'm not ready for that Baka!" He was rubbing the place I hit him. When really I didn't want to release evil Natsu. That reminds me! Shouldn't I talk to him about the whole situation?

"Why? We did it before." He said and I began to fiddle my fingers.

"O-Only because I-I was caught in the moment." I bent my head down allowing my bangs over my eyes.

I then felt a warm hand over mine.

"We can start off like this." Smiling lightly, I nodded.

We walking into the celebrity cafe and took a seat. We started hearing a person talking as if it were to us.

"So. It hasn't been a day yet and you already got with some other girl." A hurt voice surrounded us. Natsu turned around behind him and there was a heartbroken Lisanna.

Natsu sigh placing a hand over his eyes.

"Lis. What I felt for you wasn't real. But you seemed to already realized that haven't you?" More tears started leaving her eyes and she ran back into the kitchen of the cafe.

She ran back out with a knife and a chef behind her.

"Give that back! That's dangerous miss Lisanna." Natsu began to get up to stop her and I followed behind.

"I'm just gonna kill myself." Lisanna threatened.

"Lisanna you don't have to do this." I said and she glared at me.

"Shut up." She spat and I flinched.

"What do you want me to do Lisanna?" Natsu asked worriedly.

"I want you to love me." She quickly replied. Natsu shook his head.

"It wouldn't be right if my love for you was fake." Natsu sighed.

"Well there is only one answer to that then." She sniffed.

She lifted one arm up getting ready to jab herself in the stomach.

Everything felt like it was going in slow motion until my legs moved on their own. I stretched my arms and pulled her into a hug. I felt a sharp pain in my waist...

"You...are...loved...."I uttered before falling to the ground.

"Luce!" Natsu immediately. Kneeled beside me and wet liquid was flowing out of me.

I looked up and Lisanna seemed scared out of her mind.

"Someone please call the ambulance!" Natsu's voice began to fade.

Everyone's voices became muffled


My vision became blank.

Levy P.O.V

I woke up with a mussel over my mouth. Tied up in a chair in a dark room, I had the slightest clue where I was.

"You are so cute when you are binded." A figure started to approach me.

"Eht!" I muffled through the mussel.

"Jet. Yeah that's me. You know why you are here?" He placed his hands on both arms of the chair.

It's not like I could respond so I just shook my head.

"You got yourself here and soon I can run away with you so we can live together in peace." Jet dreamed and I began to get mad.

"Eht!Ei!Oh! (Let me go!)"

His hand pinched my chin.

"I can't have that Gajeel dude getting in our way. Now prepare yourself because we are leaving soon." I hung my head low finding now way out.

Erza P.O.V

I began to panic walking back and forth in my bedroom.

My phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered quickly.

"Erza!" Natsu yelled across the phone.

"Luce is in the hospital and I'm worried." Omg! What is happening to all my friends.

He started sniffing on the other side of the phone.

"Hold on Natsu. I'm on my way."

"Wait!" He stopped me before I hung up the phone.

"Can you sang that song when we were kids that calmed us down?" He asked and I smiled sadly.

(Play song)

Me:  takai sora ni nobita shiroi kumo
machi wa ichinichi koto fuyu no iro
biru to biru no sukima nagare yuku
kawamo ni yureteru sakura no eda

yurari yurari kataki tsubomi wa
kimi wo omou otome kokoro

haru ga kuru koro kono koi wa donna hana wo sakasete kimi ni mai oriru
hana saku koto wa niai sou mo nai watashi da keredo hakanaki yume miru
hitomi no naka kaze ni saki hokoru koi to iu na no sakura yo

hajimete meguri au setsunasa wa
michite wa kakete yuku tsuki no you
au tabi ni chikazuku kuchibiru wo
musubeba kowarete shimai sou de

yurari yurari kimi mo onnaji
omoi daite aruiteru no

yagate sora kara shukufuku no yuki ga
koibito tachi wo tsutsumi komu deshou
hanayaka na machi kagayaki no naka de
kono koi wa mada tsubomi no mama na no
sakura sake fuyu no yoru ni

hito wa doushite ai wo shiru tabi ni
hara hara namida kobore ochite yuku

haru ga kuru koro kono koi wa donna hana wo sakasete kimi ni mai oriru
hana saku koto wa niai sou mo nai watashi da keredo hakanaki yume miru
hitomi no naka kaze ni saki hokoru koi to iu na no sakura yo

I sighed."Better?"

Natsu's sobs slowed. "Yeah." I hung up the phone and went to put my clothes on.

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