"That's good."

I smirked as he took in the information, his eyebrows still knitted together slightly. "But break's not that long-what if you're late for class?"

" I just tell the teacher the truth- I was at the toilet. You guys are always using the loo at the most inconvenient moment, like the end of break."

"Wow, sweeping generalisation much?" Doug exclaimed as he fell into step beside me.

"What, it's true!" I said, deciding it was time for me to ask the uncomfortable questions. "Anyways, how do you know so much about sanitary product disposal?

Doug shrugged, rubbing at the back of his neck as if to detract from the colouring of his cheeks. "I overheard my mum on the phone to Shannon- they were talking about it. As per usual, my sister's primary concern was how binning sanitary stuff destroys the earth. You know she got voted in as an ambassador in student union; probably tried to make everyone use old lecture notes as loo roll."

"Hey, your sister sounds cool. This is the one in her first year of uni, right? Has she got really blonde hair like you?"

I sighed at his nod. "I think a friend of mine, works at flashback with me, had a bit of crush on her. She kept playing the same Cranberries album for weeks, complaining of this 'blonde-batshit-crazy-but-cute-eco-girl' she met at the feminist society. Those were her words for you sister, not mine."

Doug laughed as he finished the last of my crisps. "That's a pretty accurate summary of my sister to be fair. I love Shannon, but she is pretty crazy."

I began to slow down as I realised we were approaching the field. Doug had been leading us in the direction of art, which was all very well for him, except it was on the other side of the school to my next lesson.

"I've gotta get to German-guessing you'll be in art this lunch?"

"Yep. God, Mr Blake is gonna hate me when he finds out I'm taking A-level," I pretended not to notice Doug slip the packet into my blazer pocket as he flashed the biro and crisp covered hand at me, where the numbers 10:40 were just legible. "Speaking of, I've got my interview at ten forty: have you already had yours?"

"Mine's tomorrow, I'm at the bottom of the register, for once."

"Cool. Well, I'll see you."

"See you," I called before turning and heading back towards languages block. As I walked, I realised just how much cooler it was after being stuck in that stuffy English classroom all morning. November had already begun to stake its claim over the school grounds, the curled up leaves crunching underfoot with the frost, the sky a veil of grey.

With such little sunlight, it was bleak enough for most people stay indoors, but after the hell that was the English block corridors, I'd rather have the fresh breeze and half-empty paths. The lack of students also made it much quicker to cut across the school, and I soon reached languages.

People were milling around outside, clouds of exhaled air forming a mist around them as they huddled in their cliques. Although the two members of bitch society from my German class were present, stood as close the doors as possible without getting smacked in the face, there was no sign of Lily; I figured she was at her interview still.

Dropping the empty packet into a bin, I leant against the trunk of the tree that hung over said bin. Just as I begun to sense the rough bark scraping through the layers of blazer, jumper and shirt to my spine, the doors to language block finally opened. I followed behind my peers. The sudden blast of heat as I stepped inside was almost tangible- a dense cloud of suffocating warmth.

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