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I was pretty disheartened to hear the bell ring. Somehow the last thing that I wanted was for English to end. Although our copies of the Heaney poem were more annotations than paper, Lily and I had gotten into a pretty in-depth discussion about the treatment of women throughout history.

"'Til German," Lily said, as she always did each Monday when she packed her things away. She gave that bright smile of hers and any feelings of resentment at losing her over break were obliterated. I knew how it worked by now. She spent break and lunches with the bitches and most classes with me.

Still, a little selfish part of me wanted that smile of hers all to myself. It was that selfish part of me that also believed she had been smiling more since Halloween; or rather, being unafraid to smile in a way that exposed the quirks she had kept hidden beneath layers of makeup and hairspray.

"See you," I replied, my own lips twitching at the edges, and I hurriedly shoved a load of crisps into my mouth to hide the involuntarily grin. No way was I about to admit to Lily just how much control even her cute facial features had upon my mood.

She'd put me in such a good mood that I didn't glance back to see her standing with the bitches. Instead, I made my way to the exit, battling my way through jabbing elbows in the sea of blazers and trying to avoid those idiot guys who think launching themselves through the crowd isn't a safety hazard.

Just as I glimpse a faint ray of light signalling beyond the electric doors, I find my feet have slowed to less than a snail's pace. Hordes of year sevens are crawling forward (not literally-though crawling under everyone's legs probably would be quicker) and the throng of students soon ground to an almost standstill.

Out of nowhere, a hand lurched into my crisp packet. If the offending hand hadn't covered in biro doodles, I might just have started a brawl in the middle of English block.

"Buy your own crisps Doug."

"Charming," Doug munched away before going back for another handful.

"Fancy re-enacting 300 and yelling 'This is Sparta' before pummelling a load of year sevens so we can get out of here?"

"Not really- how about we cut through there?" Glancing into the nearby classroom, Doug grabbed my arm and tugged me through a bunch of people, who hurriedly parted, towards the door. The room looked empty, and we stole inside.

"Pummelling year sevens?" Doug said as he led the way between the tables towards the fire exit door.

"PMS, alright?" I said, "I get considerably less tolerable of crisp stealers and year sevens."

Opening the door, Doug stood with an expression usually worn when he'd been picked on by a teacher, despite blatantly not knowing the answer due to secretly sketching under the table.

"Taylor...if you don't mind me asking, what exactly do you do, you know, at that time? You can't go into the girl's, cause they'll freak and think you're a guy, at best, or realise you're a girl, at worst. But then you can't go in the guy's either because there's no bins for you to put the things in..."

"Seriously, it took you three months to start asking the awkward biological questions?" I said, stepping outside before turning to face him as Doug followed behind. "If you weren't in so many art detentions then maybe you'd notice that I vanish every break and lunch one week a month. Basically, Matt's a nurse at the local doctors, so he drives me there and I use their toilets. The majority of the staff has known me since I was a baby so it's all cool."

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