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Chapter 42

Ace Travis' POV

2 years after...

Two years had passed. Dalawang buong taon ko silang pinakawalan at hinayaang magpakaligaya. Do they think, I am someone who will just accept that Napnoteon has been defeated? No, f*cking way! The Pro Gamer isn't yet quiting the game. *evil smirk*

I tapped my right hand in my table while sitting. This is the way how I think. I slightly smiled evily when I remembered the details about them for the whole two d*mn years.

I pushed myself backward as my chair followed its direction. I ducked and pulled the cabin below my desk. There I saw the paper with f*cking details about my assh*le opponents.

Written in paper...

Highlighted events for the whole two years:

★Choi Collins and Tiffany Lian Kastel are currently spotted dating.

Rio Maktel and Riba Ann Salanzar are in a relationship.

★Sumi Roberts and Sica Del Frezzo will be engaged soon.

Nagulat ako sa nabasa ko at muntikan ko ng maihampas ang kamay ko sa lamesa. If so, maybe the cup off my coffee had spilled it's contain.

Why in the world didn't I noticed this note?!

I looked for my phone and dialed my butler's number.

Dialing Butler Van...

"Yes, sir?"

"When will be Casi's engagement?" I asked in a harsh tone.

"Who's Casi, sir?" He asked.

"Stupid! It's no other than Sica Del Frezzo!" I shouted. I can't calm myself. D*mn it! It can't be! She just can't turn her back her family legacy.

"Tomorrow, sir."

My eyes widen.


Sinapak ko ng napakalakas ang aking mesa, at otomatiko akong napatayo. Namewang ako. "Why the h*ll didn't you tell me earlier?!!" I asked in a shout tone.

"S-Sorry, sir. I never thought that you still love her." He answered.

My temper rised even higher. "And who the h*ll told you that I still love her?!! I'm just doing what I must!" I said and...


I threw my iphone in the wall facing me. I'm so d*mn mad. I want to punch anyone else who's willing to face me.

Hindi 'to pwedi. Hindi pweding matuloy ang engagement nila.

The rest is over.




The pro gamer is back to the game.


Riba's POV

Bwesit talaga itong si Rio! Argggg!

Mas lalo ko pang binilisan ang lakad ko. Arrrgggg! Ilang taon niya na ba akong bwinibwesit?!!

"Babes naman! Teka lang!" Sigaw niya.

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