Spit It Again

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Launch hell into heaven lets the demons run loose as the dreamers recuse,

Make you crash and burn like a drunken pilot you’re just like Pontius with a ruined conscience your integrity has been knocked unconscious,

Trying to have me constricted these fucking pythons who I keep both eyes on waiting for the spirit to break dirty snakes,

But I let loose like a vicious mongoose if I was a dinosaur they’d call me the colossal raptor though far from Jurassic I just dropped another classic,

This isn’t half stepping I’ll keep you second guessing the pad and the pen is my lethal weapon and I’m not coming for your riches only here to burn images kick the legs of the throne wherever I lay my head is home,

More bark than a vicious cyclone more bite than a savage dog, a silent warrior dropping words in the darkness that spark this verbal onslaught my enemies raise the white flag mission abort,

I paint the flag black and leave a white skull a modern day pirate loading rhymes into the cannons I fire it enough lyrical gun powder to devour a generation,

These cobras have run out of venom did they ever have it in them? 

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