Wake Me Up

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Derek POV

I woke up feeling a heavy weight on my body. I couldn't see anything through the darkness of the room so I reached out to find my phone that was somewhere on the floor beside me. I grab the phone that was almost out of reach and check the time. 4:13 a.m. Why am I awake this early in the morning? And what is on top of me? The question lingers in my head. I quickly turn on the flashlight on my phone and shine it on my chest. There was a fluff of dark brown hair and at first I figured it was Scott, but then I got this warm feeling, like my wolf was satisfied. Then it hit me. I know who's laying on me.


I try not to wake him up as I attempt to get out from underneath the warmth of his body, but I can feel it making my wolf mad so I stopped. Why does my wolf like Stiles so much? It's not like he's my mate or anything... Right? I'm snapped out of my thoughts as Stiles starts snoring lightly. Oh great. I roll my eyes, ignoring the fact that I think it's kind of adorable.
Stiles POV

I wake up as the sun starts to shine through the opened curtains. I roll over and hit the floor. Oomph. I hit my head and laid there for a second with my eyes closed trying to settle the headache. Fucking ouch. I thought I was on the floor but how did I fall from the floor to the floor? I open my eyes to see what I was apparently on top of and see Derek laying there peacefully asleep.

I was sleeping.. On Derek.. I was asleep on top of Derek Hale...

I shyly grin and sit up. I don't see anyone that's awake so I make my way to the kitchen to start breakfast. As I'm pulling the eggs and sausage patties out of the fridge Laura appears in the doorway. Shit how long has she been up? Did she see me sleeping on Derek? How'd I get on top of him anyway?

"Stiles" Laura smirks, walking towards me. "So how did you sleep last night?" She laughs and winks at me before bending to pull the orange juice out of the fridge.

I clear my throat, "I slept well, thanks for asking. I don't know why you have that look on your face though." I tried to play it off and hoped she would forget about my awkward sleeping situation.

Laura laughs and pours her orange juice into a cup, "If you don't want to talk about how you managed to get on top of my brother at some point last night, I won't tell anyone." She puts the Orange juice back in the fridge and walks even closer to me. "I just have one question" she adds.

I start cracking eggs into a bowl for scrambled eggs and reply with a grunt signaling for her to go on with the question.

"Do you like my brother?" She questions, taking another sip of her drink.

"Uhm i don't know..." I reply shyly trying to avoid her gaze by turning to the skillet and pouring in the now scrambled mixture. The thing was, I didn't know. I've been having those dreams for a few weeks now and I'm not sure what they mean but I definitely like them.

There's a rustling in the living room and everyone starts waking up and migrating to the kitchen following the smell of eggs and sausage cooking.
After breakfast we all left, there was no danger to us to fight this week so we didn't need to plan anything major.

I dropped Scott off at his house and turned the volume all the way up jamming to Blink 182 on the way back to my house. Of course my dad wasn't home so I wondered up to my room and took it upon myself to make the most of this alone time.

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