Toby Winters

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Name:  Toby Winters

Gender: Male

Age: 16

District: Six

Physical Appearance:  Toby has short brown hair. It comes to just below his ears, and he is always having to push it out of his eyes. He has dark brown eyes that are flecked with green. He often has an easy going smile. Toby has a strong jawline and he is 6'2. Because of his size he is very lanky and does not look very muscular. He often wears clothes that are a little too big on him.

Personality: Toby is a very talkative, loud, and almost obnoxious individual, although he doesn't try to be. He is very caring and loves to make people laugh. He dislikes it when people are too serious. He is very thoughtful, and pays close attention to everything he says and does. Toby is not the type of person to kill someone, but he is used to death and would not be burdened by seeing someone die.

Past: Toby has two older brothers along with his mother and father. His grandparents died when he was little, along with both of his aunts. He was a very smart kid who made friends easily with everyone. He enjoys buildings things with his own two hands, and is very creative when he does so.

Weapon of Choice: He is very good with knives, but if none are available he is equally good with a hammer.

Strength: He's a very good runner and can climb very well. In hand to hand combat, he can excel but with most weapons he falls short.

Weakness: Toby is not a good swimmer. He is also not good at being quiet or sneaky, and has a difficult time hiding.

Token: None.

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