Baby Mama

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"Justin I'm getting tired of your fuckass baby mama dropping by whenever!" I said. "Can't stand her Mexican ass!" I added.

Justin chuckled and looked up at me from phone. "Babe chill. She won-" He was interrupted by the doorbell.

I groaned and practically ran to the door. "What do you want Selena?" I said as I opened the door.

"Justin ain't payed this months child support and Romeo need some diapers." She said smacking her gum.

This bitch was wearing a tight ass balmain dress and some damn Louboutins. I was ready to knock the fuck outta her.

"You just gon stand there or you gon get the white nigga?" She said. "For your stupid ass to be Mexican you sure are ghetto as fuck." (i ain't want to be racist so i ain't know what to say) I said shutting the door in her face.

"Justin yo baby mama want you." I said walking in the living room. "Come back with me." He said pulling me back to the door.

I groaned when he opened the door. "Where my money?" Selena said. "What the fuck you taking about? And where the hell my child?" Justin said.

"Don't worry about him! I need some fucking money for his diapers Justin!" She said clapping her hands.

She so damn ghetto. "Bruh! Here goddamn." Justin said handing her some money.

She started counting it. "Thank you. I'll drop Romeo off tomorrow. With his diapers." She said popping her gum and smacking like a cow.

"Bye nigga." Justin said shutting the door in her face. I stood in the corner with my eyebrows raised.

"If we have kids we're sticking together!" He said turning around and looking at me.

I smiled and nodded. "Because we're gonna get married!" I said wrapping my arms around his neck.

"You're gonna be my wife." He said pecking my lips repeatedly. I smiled into his kisses.

I love this white boy a lot.

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