chapter 2

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Justin p.o.v
I pulled up to my house I got of the car and open the door for Selena
"Thank You "she said in a whisper
"No problem baby "she nodded we walked inside
"I will be right back " I said running up stairs
Walk into my closet and put on a shirt and shorts and walk downstairs selena was sitting out on her phone
"Have you ate yet"
"No"selena said I made steak with salad
"Then come eat" she got up and walked over to me and start eating she finished
"Sel we have to talk about being my ssvg "she looked scared
"Why do I have to be fbsvg"selena said
"Your not my fbsvg your my ssvg "she nodded
"Your my ssvg because I said so"
"Oh"she saud
"Come on let watch a movie "she nod I pull her onto my lap she kept move around oh shit!Jerry is getting hard
"Babe please stay still"she got off my lap
" what movie are we going to watch"selena ask
" insidious chapter 3"
"No "selena shake her head
"Please baby" I give her the puppy dog eyes
"Fine "she said Jerry calm down
Selena p.o.v
We were watch and we cuddle up to justin
Then A scare part came on
I sceamed and jumped on justin then I felt something ruding against my pussy oh. My GOD it his dick
warning RATED R
he started sucking on my neck trying to find my sweet spot he find my sweet spot I moan
"Baby please help me with Jerry "justin
"Jerry?who's Jerry "
"Babe Jerry is my dick please help me with him"I nodd
Justin p.o.v
I picked up selena took her to my room I throw her on my bed my took off her clothes and started rudding pussy with my hand
"Baby keep going" selena moan her moan is like heaven to
"Rule 1 YOUR MINE and ONLY MINE if I see you with any guys I will punish you
Rule 2 no dating
Rule 3 no talking about us or our deal
Rule 4 no falling in love with me
Rule 5 you have to call me daddy in sex"selena nod with inserted 4 fingers
"Ohhhhh daddy.daddy please "she moan I get even more harder when she said daddy
"Please what"
"Daddy please fuck"she moan
"How hard and how bad"
"Very bad and really hard "she moan
I put on a condom eyes widen when she saw my dick cause my length and thickness a slender I slammed into her
"DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYY"she screamed screams of pleasure moans
" dadddyyyy harderplease"
I went hard
4 hours later
"Daddy I'm-M adout to"she moan
I slammed into her harder and harder
She cum on Jerry I layed down and throw away the condom and went to sleep

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