Ellie's POV:  

"Jaz, can we please please please go to that party??" My best friend Jasmine rolled her eyes, and I took that as a yes. I squealed and got up.  

"HEY HEY HEY! CALM THE HELL DOWN!" I laughed at her expression. Her eyes were big with a hint of anger and she was crouched down with her hands over her ears. I just stuck my tongue out at her and ran to get ready. Ready for the most insane party of the year. I'm a junior in high school and this was the first party I've ever been to, so I was maybe overly excited. The "cool kids" got invited to this party, and Jasmine got invited. I'm so lucky to have her, and I now I'm even happier that her bitch ass told me she was invited. She didn't want to go, shes gone every year since the 7th grade. And plus, you know, her older brother is the one that throws it. Jaz is the youngest out of four brothers. They're all one year apart, its like their parents were waiting for their house to get destroyed every year around the same time. Once one brother graduates the next one takes over. And its always the senior that throws it. Next year, it would finally be Jasmine's turn, and I couldn't wait. I turned on the scolding hot water and jumped in trying not to yell out as it burned my backside. I twisted the knobs until it turned to a relaxing normal temperature and smiled, doing my stuff quickly. I got out and whipped the water off, trying to hurry. I wiped the water off my body and ran stark naked into my room.  

"WHAT THE HELL ELLIE?!" Jasmine yelled. I just laughed. She's seen me naked before. Our moms were best friends when we were born. We never quite got the whole story of why they had stopped, but Jasmine and I were still attached at the hip.

I looked at Jasmine with wide panic struck eyes.  

"WHAT DO I DO?! WHAT DO I WEAR?!" This time she was the one laughing. She pushed me down on the bed, and went to raid my closet. I blushed as she threw more and more of my clothing out of my closet making faces as she threw it on the floor. I didn't have the best fashion sense. I went with jeans and a shirt or sweatshirt everyday. I was a simple girl, I wore my hair down and wavy, and very little makeup. I wasn't trying to impress anybody.

Finally Jasmine was satisfied with what she picked out, although I hated it and didn't even know how it got in my closet. It was a skin tight strapless dress. The top part was a pale pink and the bottom was a navy-ish blue. In the middle was some gold beading. Jasmine drug out some white skyhigh heels with some beading around them. I sighed and slipped it on with a strapless bra and thong Jaz had stolen from my big sister Julie.

When Jaz was finally satisfied with the way the dress hung on my body, she sat me down in my vanity chair and spun me away from the mirror to look at her. She but on some jewelry and went to town on my makeup, I felt like she was making me look like a clown and I sighed, wondering why she was dressing me up like this. I felt so awkward, and I just wanted to go to this party. I felt her finish up my makeup.  

"Can I look now?" She snorted.  

"No." Sarcastic bitch. I felt her start to paint my fingernails and sat as still as I could so I wouldn't mess her up, although the thought was very tempting. She whistled lowly and once again I asked if I could open my eyes, and this time she agreed. I turned to the mirror and my mouth dropped open.

The girl didn't look like me at all. It was impossible. I had a silver locket on and a silver chunky bracelet on too. In my ear were gold hoops that matched the gold beading around the middle of my dress. My hair hung in loose curls all the way down my back and my makeup was still simple, but looked flawless. She put on natural looking eyeshadow and cat eye black eyeliner. My mascara made my eyelashes look five times longer and my eyes look ten times wider. My lips were a pale peach pink like the top of my dress, with some clear gloss on them. Blush stained my cheeks and my skin looked perfect, like I never had a blemish in my life. I looked down at my nails, which were still wet. They were white, and had sparkly grey ribbon like lines going across them. I turned to smile at Jasmine.  

"Thank you for making me look like a girl." Jasmine threw her head back and laughed a real laugh. She hated her real laugh, but I loved it. It showed who she really was; loud funny and completely at ease with everyone. She started to get ready, and when she was done, I felt like a bum again. Her white shirt was low cut, showing her huge boobs a little more than necessary. She had a skirt on that was low in the back and higher in the front, paired with bright green heels. Her gold necklace said "hope" and her gold ring was shaped like a ring of leaves. Her makeup was done to make her eyes look multicolored, and I sighed with jealousy. My eyes were a plain brown. Her lips were a nude color, and she didn't put any lip gloss on. Her nails were white and had colored polka dots on them, like they were the party itself. Half her hair was braided and pulled into a side ponytail.  

"Ready?" She asked after I stopped staring.  

"As ready as I'll ever be." She laughed again and dragged me out the door, blowing on her nails.

When he pulled up to her house, you could hear the music outside, and we were still in the car. It wasn't shocking because from what I heard, it was like this every year. I opened my door and Jasmine came around to fix my dress for the last time that night. I grabbed her hand and we walked into chaos. Everyone was yelling and laughing and having a good time, probably due to the effects of alcohol you could smell on every ones breath. Jesse, Jasmine's brother came running over to us, and gave us each a kiss on the cheek. I blush and wiped my off while Jaz just rolled her eyes and shoved her drunk brother away. I turned to Jaz and noticed she was saying something I couldn't hear over the loud bass of the music.  

"WHAT?" I screamed. She leaned in so she could yell in my ear. 

"I TOLD YOU THIS PARTY WASN'T AS GOOD AS IT SOUNDED HOE!" I laughed at her pet name for me and dragged her to the dance floor.

It wasn't long before Jaz was completely drunk. We had decided, since I don't drink, that I would be the designated driver for tonight. I laughed at her as she was grinding on every guy in sight, even the ones with girlfriends. I started dancing as she started twerking on me, I mean, why not?

Jaz left me dancing alone not long after I started dancing. A couple minutes after she left I felt someone behind me, body shadowing mine. I shivered and turned around to find a gorgeous guy I had never seen before. He grabbed my wrist, pulling me towards him, both of us still dancing. He smiled down at me, his light blue eyes twinkling.

"Hey beautiful, my name's Jake." I laughed and shook my head lightly.  

"I'm not bea-" He put a hand over my mouth, stopping my flow of words.  

"Don't say you aren't beautiful! You're more than that." I blushed and looked down, still shaking my head.  

"My name's Ellie." He grabbed my hand that was waiting to shake his and instead brought it up to his mouth and kissed it softly.  

"A perfect name for a perfect girl." I rolled my eyes, secretly enjoying the attention.

It was quiet between Jake and I for a while, but it wasn't an awkward silence. He broke it looking down at me with a huge smile.  

"I seem to have lost my number, can I have yours?" I threw my head back and laughed as he added a wink to the end of it.  

"wooow. You're good." I drew out the sentence, making sure he knew I was being sarcastic. 

"I can be anything you want me to be." He quoted the notebook. I laughed again, enjoying myself. 

"You're dumb." He winked, pleased I was playing along.  

"I can be that." He laughed together this time and he started leaning forwards, looking to me for the okay. I nodded slightly. This was my first kiss I kept thinking over and over. What if it wasn't good? What if he had aids? Oh my God. What if he's a serial killer? And before I knew it his lips were on mine, slowly moving. My eyes fluttered closed, and I didn't know if he was a serial killer, but it was an amazing kiss. The whole room disappeared and it was just me and him. The kiss grew increasingly more urgent and I was pulling at his short brown hair while he groaned at the action.

"Upstairs?" He breathed into my mouth. I just pressed my lips harder to his as he carried me up the stairs.

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