Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

The next couple of days at Cavenaugh tower were without incident. Kamree found herself reveling the idea of actually having a normal, dependable routine. She could get used to it all very quickly—which made the whole thing dangerous.

Daxton had helped her pay the penalty of getting out of her sublease on the apartment she shared with Paisley and also set up a storage bin at the same facility his father used. That whole process took an entire day and Daxton had gone so far as to hire a set of movers—which he wouldn't let her pay him back for.

Moments such as these, where she saw the selflessness in Daxton, warmed her heart. He didn't have to do any of that, but he did anyway. No wonder Adam was friends with him. He treated his friends better than anyone she'd ever known.

What got her the most had to be the way he treated Paisley. He always made sure she was okay and having a good time. Comfortable.

He treated Paisley as if she was his own sister.

And Paisley returned the favor. This morning before she got out of the car at school, Paisley leaned over the seats to give Daxton a kiss on the cheek. Last night, she hugged him before Kamree tucked her into bed.

The whole situation was better than she dreamed.

Except in a week, it'd be all over.

Gothel called her this morning to schedule a visit and get Daxton's address. She warned Kamree that she would be talking with Paisley's teachers within the next week to get an update.

Kamree knew for a fact that Paisley's teachers would only have good things to say. Her homework was amazing, her test scores slowly improving, and every morning and afternoon they watched Kamree drop off and pick up her sister.

Daxton's house had been child-proofed and new furniture he'd bought gave the apartment a more homey feeling. It was the perfect place for Paisley to live.

Finally, her sister stood in a position where she thrived—and Kamree too.

And she owed it all to her boss.

How would she ever make it up to him? There was no way she'd be able to pay him back. She'd be in debt for the rest of her life.

What he'd given them was priceless.

Kamree bit her lip and tapped her pen against her desk. Her eyes, unfocused, stared off into the distance. Maybe she could take Daxton out for dinner? As a thank you, of course. Nothing more.

The phone on her desk rang. Kamree snapped out of her fog and focused. "Cavenaugh Productions, Daxton Cavenaugh's office, this is Kamree. How may I help you?"

"Hey, pretty girl," Adam's familiar voice came over the line. "Want to see something very cool?"

"I'd love to. What's up?"

"Meet me in studio 7 in ten minutes. And bring Daxton." He said, "Do you know where that is?"

"Yup." She unclipped her Bluetooth earpiece and switched to the landline. "Floor 10. Back near the stairs."

"See you there."

Kamree clicked off and told Becca to grab her calls for a bit. Then she tracked down Daxton.

She found him in the copy room, faxing over some papers. "Mr. Cavenaugh?"

He didn't answer. She rolled her eyes. "Daxton?"

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