​​It took a few hours of staring at everyone and 'accidentally' bumping into the them before Sapphire could believe there were here. She had been so sure she would die in Charybdis. What Sapphire was having difficulty figuring out was why Clarisse was here. Sapphire was no complaining. Clarisse was good to have around to fight off any danger. However there was this nagging thought to keep an eye on the girl.
"We need rope!" Grover shouts from behind one of the ships. "And duct tape". Annabeth shakes her head and continues to tend to Sapphire broken leg. Sapphire now was warm in a over sized pink jumper that was thrown at her by Clarisse who grumbled, shrugged and walked away.
"And how exactly will we get these?" Clarisse snaps from somewhere in the shadows. "Should I just click my fingers and magic some up for you?" A loud huff echos back.
"While you're at that could you magic me up some cake?" Sapphire pipes in and Annabeth gives a warning glare.
"Shut up Sapphire!" Grover and Clarisse shout in union. Everyone had been rushing about for hours trying to find either a good place to camp or any clues on how they could escape. So far Jake had found a large piece of wood for all of them to rest on. He had been awfully quiet and just kept to himself while tending to whatever food he had brought with him.
"I found a sturdy piece of wood for you to lean on when you are on your feet. The bone needs to be set but I don't have the skill for it" Annabeth explains and gets up on her feet and strolls off somewhere. Sapphire sits up and looks at her leg for a moment before she leans over and does what Annabeth could not. She sets the bone, screams and then passes out. She would of prefered to face an army of monsters rather than feel that pain ever again.
It takes a while for Sapphire to come to again. When she does she is drenched in sweat and feels like a she is on fire. She squints her eyes while examining around her. Everyone is asleep around her except Jake who appears to be on watch. Sapphire attempts to get up. Its not her leg that stops her, it's the painful throbbing in her head and a nasty whooshing feeling in her stomach. Her leg was oozing something awful and looked badly infected. It explained the fever symptoms. She had left her leg unattended to for too long and this was the result. The pain in her head causes her to fall back onto her back with a unhealthy groan. Breathing through her mouth relieves her stomach and helps her to gain a clear mind. Her thoughts are filled with dread. Escaping was likely going to take some time and that was something Sapphire had little of. She would die from infection if she didn't get the right medical attention soon. Then all her friends would of come to the rescue for nothing. She would be the reason for their deaths.
"That does not look right" Jake states with his shadow casting over Sapphire's face. She takes in a raspy breath and casts him an unimpressed look. "Are you okay?" His expression turns from curious to worried in a split second when he see's how pale Sapphire looks. She attempts to speak but it makes her vision go blurry from the effort. Jake sits down next to her and hands a bottle of water over. Sapphire manages to lean on her elbow to drink. She also pours some on her leg to clean some off the mess up. The water eases up her throat and helps her stomach a little.
"You're an idiot" Sapphire manages to say. Jake frowns and bursts out laughing. Clarisse grumbles a few choice words from a few feet away. "How did you get here anyway?"
"I walked" Jake jokes. Sapphire attempts to shove him but ends up falling on him instead. Jake laughs awkwardly and helps her lie back down with her head on his lap for support. "It started with the weirdest taxi ride of my life.." Jake tells her the whole story that made Sapphire's head hurt.
"So no one paid Clarisse to come then?"Jake grins and shakes his head.
"I got some weird speech out of her about doing this for the honour of your agreement" Silence sets in for a moment before Sapphire wheezes out a long laugh. A loud growl sounds before Jake is yanked on to his feet. Sapphire yelps when her head falls on to the wood. Clarisse holds Jake by a hand full of hair. He wriggles about shouting at her to let go. She looks beyond angry.
"You just had to tell her!" Clarisse yells back. "What was said on the chariot was meant to stay on it" Jake stops wriggling. He then shrugs and smirks at her.
"Sapphire is my best friend"Jake chirps and flashes Sapphire a wink. Sapphire groans and tries to hold down a sudden urge to throw up. Clarisse huffs and drops Jake. Sapphire attempts to get up to avoid being in the way if a fight was to happen. When she is half way up on her Shaky non broken leg she grabs her makeshift walking stick. It almost makes her fall back down with the surprise that she managed to get on to her feet. Clarisse and Jake start throwing insults at each other.
"Why are you really here?" Jake growls and it makes Clarisse pauses to glare.
"Someone had to come and save you lots sorry butts" Clarisse shoots back. Her response is off and her eye twitches slightly. She is lying. Luke did the same thing whenever he lied.
"Tell the truth" Sapphire croaks and both head snap in her direction. Clarisse eyes her up, taking in her sweat soaked clothes and shaky posture. Jake rushes over to help her but Sapphire shrugs him off and gives Clarisse a daring look. Clarisse had snaked her way under the others radar with her lies but she was now face to face with Sapphire. Her face pales with the realisation that she had no escape. Sapphire hated liars and could read them like a book. Clarisse's hands shake a little and her eyes dart about. "Is it that bad?"
"The camp has to be strong" Clarisse stutters "A traitor would make it weak and Luke could strike" Jake gasps. Sapphire sighs and lifts her head to look up. It annoyed her that she had been to blind to the obvious truth of Clarisse's intentions
"You've been lying to us this whole time?" Annabeth speaks up. Her and Grover stand nearby with furious expressions. Sapphire stays where she is standing and watches Clarisse grow more defensive. Her arms cross and her chin hitches up a little as she glares at everyone in turn.
"I needed to make sure she could not return" Her eyes glance at Sapphires leg and then back at Annabeth. Sapphire wobbles a little in shock. What did Clarisse do to her leg? Clarisse reaches into her pocket and then throws a object at Sapphires feet. Its a syringe half filled with what looks like the same dirty fluid that surrounds them. Clarisse had injected it into Sapphires leg to cause this infection. The girl was evil. In a split second Annabeth is on top of Clarisse and the two begin to fight like animals. Sapphire's eyes follow them about as her heart pounds in her chest. Panic and anger swarm her like hive of bees. How could anyone be this evil? They had never been close but it was still painful and she felt betrayed. Her mind was loud with horrible thoughts that made her surrounding shake. Jake and Grover made no attempt to stop the fighting girls and from the expression on their faces it looked like they were close to joining in. "I know the lot of you support Luke!" Clarisse shouts and Annabeth sockets her in the face. Charybdis Shakes a little causing everyone to stumble a little. Sapphire stays completely still though with her burning glare on Clarisse. This was an anger Sapphire had not felt in months. It was a anger so strong that..
Charybdis rumbles loudly and all the others fall over with yells of surprise. Sapphire hisses from the pain in her leg but remains standing. Its not long before dark water pours down around them. It slowly begins to rise higher and higher until it comes up to Sapphires hips and then her waist. Everyone manages to get to their feet. All eyes turn to Sapphire with wary expressions. They know. The water ripples violently and for the first time ever Sapphire see's a scared Clarisse. Emotions were Sapphires weakness. They controlled her and it made her the most dangerous person to be around. All she currently felt was fear, anger and pain. A laugh escapes Sapphire, it's a bitter laugh that makes Clarisse flinch.
"I'm not the camps enemy. You however, you are my enemy" Sapphire says in a deadly calm tone before she drops her walking stick and flicks her hands towards Clarisse. The water around swirls and ripples into a tall whirlpool that nearly reaches the top of Charybdis. it twirls violently towards Clarisse. She screams and lifts her arms across her tear stained face to protect herself. Her legs stumble back and she trips over, landing painfully on her butt. The water comes just inches before her before to falls and flows back into a gently splash. "i'm going to get out of here with my friends" Sapphire gestures to the water and then to the way they had all gotten in. "You can do it by yourself" Sapphire turns towards her three slightly terrified and entertained friends. Clarisse stays sitting in complete silence. It was clear that she now knew that she had picked the wrong person to make an enemy with. Sapphires legs shake and give way. Jake rushes forward and saves her from a painful fall. Annabeth's face grows pale when she looks at Sapphires leg. It's smooth with no trace of an injury.
"I'm pretty sure the sea of monsters is not in Positions territory. You shouldn't be able to heal your self let alone control the water at a flick of a hand!" All their eyes look at Sapphire in wonder.
"You have to admit I was awesome though!" Sapphire jokes. They all laugh nervously.
"More like very scary. Remind me to never make you angry" Grover mumbles. Jake laughs and slaps Grover on the shoulder.
"Getting on Sapphire's nerves is the fun part" jake chirps. An unamused silence responds. It was going to be a pain getting out of here but with a healed leg Sapphire could now be useful and she had a plan up her sleeve that she knew no one would enjoy.

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