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Shawn's POV

We were talking for an hour since their was traffic.

After, 20 minutes we arrived and got out.

We went inside got are baggages claimed, went through passport check, security

checking us, and getting our things and went to the gate.

We saw some fans and we all took pictures with them.

Are gate was about to board so we went in the business class/ first class (that part of the

plane only has 10 seats) we all sat down I sat next to Nash. Kalolaine and Jennifer sat

next to each other, then Marina and Hayes, and Matt the dino and Kimberly.

Matthew's POV
Since it was only the seven of us in this class we kept on messing around it was

hilarious. We were dancing, making vines, and yelling which caused people to complain

from the other class of the plane.

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