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-2 days later-

Kalolaine's POV

Its the day of the event and I packed everything I needed.

We are gonna go in a limo to the airport since there is like 10 of us.

We found a manager his name is Scott. He booked us a event in Nashville

And tickets are all sold out which I am happy to hear.

Yesterday we also filmed each of the guys YouTube channel and are channels,

That we will be touring and challenges and all that stuff. In total of all of are youtube

Channels we got 50 million views in total we haven't heard from Jocelyn. In a long time

She hasn't been going to school calling us or texting us but we texted her when we are

leaving, but no response. We took her out of the tour cause we can't keep someone like


-40 minutes later-


Marina- We are here come out

Kalolaine- I will be there in a sec

End of chat

I say goodbye to my family and go in the limo and say 'hello children' they all start


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