Bow to the Alpha

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Silver! I howled in my mind, running faster and faster in the direction of...something. Something that was drawing my mind away from the promise I had made to Alana. Silver, if you can hear me, Alana needs you now more than ever! She's going to die tonight if you don't help her!

I'd seen it over and over again the last few nights. It was always during a battle and it was always because she was alone. Her only hope was her mate. The only one who could find her now that she was running around alone.

I doubt she needs me. She was going to leave me. Silver's bitter voice filled my mind and I slowed a bit in confusion.

Leave you? Are you kidding me? You're her everything, you dumb dog. I snapped as she let what she overheard fill my mind. And for her to leave you for me? Have you lost your mind, Alpha? She's a lesbian for god's sake and you two have the true mate bond. That can't be broken. If you don't believe me, ask my mother or maybe even Lauren.

How do you know so much about my pack? She hissed.

I'm a witch, Samantha. I know more about you than you even know about yourself. I told her. Now go find Alana before she gets hurt.

She didn't reply but she didn't have to. I could practically feel her relief at Alana not meaning to leave her.


My mind blanked again and I picked up my speed, my friend forgotten as I raced towards my destiny.


He hit me from the side, sending me crashing into the nearest tree. I quickly got to my feet and bared my teeth in rage at the sandy colored wolf who was blocking my way. I growled loudly as he stalked a circle around me, his gray tinged tail swinging in agitation. My ears twitched and I tilted my head as another one of Silver's howls split the air. My body jerked, wanting to answer her call, but the wolf lunged at me again, taking my attention away from my yearning.

Did you really think I'd let you live, little girl? A dark voice hissed into my mind, drawing a whimper from my muzzle. After the mess you've made for me here? Did you really think this would end in happily ever after for you and my daughter?

Recognition filtered through me and I felt that rage beginning to boil in my veins. Do you know why she's my mate? I asked in a deadly tone. Because I'm bipolar and she's the cure for that.

Then I lunged at him and our bodies clashed with a bark. I yelped when I felt his teeth glance over my shoulder and felt the warmth of my blood coating my fur. I growled in anger and snapped my teeth at his face but I missed.

Has anyone ever told you that distractions during a fight could end your life?

Alana!!! Silver yelled, darting towards us.

I turned my head towards her.

His teeth sank into my throat.

My entire body stiffened as he tightened the bite, beginning to crush my windpipe. I whimpered, my eyes focused on Silver as she tore up the ground between us. But it was like she was in slow motion. My world was blackening and I felt the heart in my chest shattering.

But it wasn't my heart.

It was hers.

My body fell lax in his grip and then my world went dark.


I can't describe the level of relief that I felt to find out that Alana wasn't leaving me. Actually, now I felt like an ass. Now that I knew that, I was turning back towards my old home, my senses on the search for the love of my life. I had to apologize to her and I had to tell her... I had to tell her I love her. I had to ask her to marry me.

My feet picked up the pace when my ears picked up her cry of pain. I nearly skidded to a stop when I caught sight of Alana and my father locked in combat. He was snapping his teeth at her and she was dodging, appearing a bit frustrated at being on defense. I didn't even think about it. My heart rejoices at the sight of her and my mind called out for hers.

Her head turned towards me.

And that's when my entire world went crashing down.

His teeth sank into her neck and she slumped down, her eyes glazing in pain and a tiny whimper leaving her mouth. I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces and I snarled, attacking my father and ripping into the muscles in his hind leg. He howled and released Alana as if he was going to fight me. But he didn't get the chance.

Just then, each of my pack members skidded to a halt around me. My father took one look at them, some his old pack, and then quickly turned around and ran off.

I didn't even care that he was escaping after all he'd done. All I cared about was my girl. I shifted and knelt beside her as her fur disappeared into her skin and very liquid silver eyes gazed up at me. "Alana, baby, look at me." I whispered, tears in my eyes as I cupped her face in my hands. "Alana, please."

She didn't move an inch. I didn't hear a heartbeat.

The tears fell down my cheeks onto her pale face. I slowly closed her eyes and pressed a soft kiss to her mouth. "I love you, Alana." Then I stood up and drew in a deep breath. Opening my eyes, I drew on the Alpha I had inside of me. "Find him." I said flatly. "And bring him to me."

"Are you sure that's a good idea, Silver? In this state of mind, you might kill him." Bryan, one of my mother's friends, said, stepping up beside me and placing a hand on my shoulder.

I spun around, my canines at full length in my mouth and narrowed my eyes at him. "Find. Him." I barked at him, making him stumble back a step. No one moved. "FIND HIM NOW!" I yelled.

The sound echoed with the howl of a wolf and just like that, I had finally reached the Alpha my mother predicted I would be. Every wolf disappeared into the trees, even Bryan. Without delay, I sat down beside Alana's body, taking hold of her hand.

"I never thought I'd get to see you again."

(A/N:) Not mad I took a lot of time to update, I hope. I've been so busy with school starting and work. So....any questions? I promise Alana is not dead. At least not yet. Please don't hate.


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