Chapter III

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Jay and Carlos began heading out of their dorm and down the hall to the main staircases of the school. Unfortunately for Carlos, when they reached the staircases, Audrey was coming up one of them. As soon as she set her eyes on Jay and Carlos, she smirked deviously.

"Good morning, Jay-boo!" Audrey said, in a cheerful, yet mocking tone. Dude barked at her aggressively, and began growling. Even the dog didn't like her.

"Jay-boo?" Carlos asked, a visual look of disgust on his face. Jay turned his head to glare at Carlos, almost as if to say 'Shut up.' Then, Jay turned to Audrey.

"Sup' Audrey?" Jay said, with a charming smirk.

"I was just gonna come look for you, so we can go on a date!" Audrey said happily.

Carlos eyes widened as anger filled his veins. He knew exactly what she was doing.

"Actually babe, we can't. Not right at the moment." Jay said, trying to think of an excuse.

"He can't because me and him are going to do something. Take a hint." Carlos bursted out, holding Dude in one hand, and pulling Jay closer with the other.

Audrey folded her arms, scrunching her face.

"Oh, I see. You'd rather hang with your little friend, than with your girlfriend."

Audrey turned, nodding in defeat, and turned back down the staircase. Problem solved— for now, Carlos thought.

"What's her problem?" Carlos mumbled to Jay.

"She's just upset. She'll be better in the morning. Let's just go." Jay answered, as he started walking down the staircase.

Carlos followed after him.

• • •

They had took a trail through a forest that led out of the school campus, and outwards into the Enchanted Lake. Upon reaching the opening of the forest that revealed the lake, Carlos spoke up with a question.

"What are we doing here?" Carlos asked, studying their surroundings intently.

"I'm gonna teach you how to swim," Jay said, as he slid his leather vest off.

"But, why?" Carlos asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"I just wanted to. Don't ask questions." Jay answered, taking off his boots, and kicking off his pants. Dude leaped out of Carlos's arms, and ran off to sniff a nearby tree.

"Okay then," Carlos said, as he began taking off his own clothes.

• • •

Soon, Carlos and Jay were standing in their underwear on top of a large boulder, prepared to jump into the water below them.

"Don't jump too far in. You might land into the deep water," Jay cautioned to the other.

"I won't," Carlos replied, nervously.

Jay counted down for their jump into the water.




As soon as the word one escaped Jay's lips, he and Carlos both jumped into the water.

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