Chapter 1

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Chapter 1:  

"Are you almost done in there? I don't have all day you know!" my best friend Jayna calls to me impatiently. Hesitantly, I finally throw back the curtain and stumble out of the cramped dressing room.

"OH. MY. GAWD!" she yelps, motioning for me to turn. "It's like, perfect! It's almost as if it was made for you!" she squeals, enviously eyeing my dress. She steps out of the way and I finally cast a self-conscious glance at myself.

The mirror itself was truly breathtaking. The border shimmered with small, golden swirls of metal that seemed to practically leap from the surface of the rough edges, illuminating my image. It made me look, well, kind of like a Royal.

The dress was body hugging; the kind that you would wear if you were going out clubbing, or to some kind of fancy restaurant with the menu's that you can't even pronounce half the names of.  

The deep red fabric clung to my every curve. It was strapless, every inch of my shoulders visible, and the majority of my back lay bare. A wide oval was slashed into the gown, imprisoning and exposing the creamy olive skin that was stretched over my backbone. Beautiful minute crystals were hung from the fringes of the dress, adding the perfect edge of elegance. The enticing red gown trailed almost to the floor, with a wide slit that ran up the leg, ending just below my hip bone. The bouncy, vivacious fabric clipped in the front, and hung in diminutive wisps and folds that dawdled inches below my thighs.

"It's, ummm, a little... tight don't you think?" I ask, not really sure whether I liked what I saw. I looked... different. That girl in the mirror couldn't possibly be me. Her lengthy blonde hair hung in magnificent natural ringlets that captivated a bright gold luster; her hazel eyes were so... animated. So much more intense than what she had believed them to be. Her faint beauty marks given to her by the angels only added to the perfectness of the image.

"Those are kisses from the Angels, baby girl. They're a part of who you are, embrace your beauty." I could almost hear my mother's soft voice talking in my ear. I swear for a brief moment, I felt her reach out to tuck my hair behind my ear like she had always done. I shuddered at the thought, and promptly reminded myself that wasn't possible. Mom is Dead Jessie. Get over it. I fought to regain control of my emotions, pushing them deep down into my core. The shrill of someone's voice snapped me out of my trance.

"Jessie, of course I think! I think it looks gorgeous on you. No. Scratch that. I KNOW it looks gorgeous on you!"

"Gorgeous, really?" I question her, still not convinced whether it was the right dress for me or not. Twirling once more in front of the mirror, I watch as the clingy fabric bounced up my thigh, revealing my flawlessly tanned skin and muscled legs. Mom would be like it.

"DROP DEAD! Damn girl, you know that I'd never lie to you!" she exclaims tossing her effortlessly straight brown hair over her shoulder and placing a hand on her hip in a way that I'd never be able to pull off. "And I'd give anything for your figure, Arianna; you could have any guy on their knees for you in a split second!" she blurts, a thick layer of jealousy coating her words. "And yet, you still pick Josh." she grunts clearly disapproving.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" I snap defensively. Just because I'm dating her brother doesn't mean she can slam him right in front of me (Not that I'd rather she do it behind my back, but well what can you do?).

"Oh...nothing!" She mumbles, clearly regretting her callous words as she casts me another envious look. "It's just; well... you have everything a girl could ever want: The gorgeous looks, ideal skin, the overly high-priced e clothes, and you're friends with practically everyone! Not to mention all of your PREVIOUSLY smoking hot boyfriends!" she emphasizes the word to be positive she got the message across.

"Jayna," I started soothingly. "You're the one who's gorgeous, not me! And who really cares about brand names and expensive clothes anyways, they're just stupid labels. You have just as many friends as I do, Jayna, I would kill to be you!" I paused for a moment seeking my following words with the utmost care. "As for the boyfriend department, you'll just have to wait. You'll find the right guy eventually. I mean, I'm not even sure when I'll find the right guy..." I reassure her, wrapping up my latest Zen life lesson. Jeesie, you've really gotta stop those. I chastise myself.

Why would she ever want to be me? I mean sure, I may be popular but she's the one that I've always looked up to, the one that I've always fantasized about being. I've always wished that I could be just like her, Normal, seventeen and everything... Before I have time to finish; my inner thoughts are interrupted by the annoying crackling of the department store speaker.

"Attention all shoppers, we will be closing in five minutes. Please make your way down to the cashier as soon as possible. Note that all sales are final. Thank you for shopping at Walmart." the prissy voice of the lady sneers.

"Okay, whatever. I'm sorry; I shouldn't have said that about Josh...even if he is my stupid brother. I'll try not to spazz at you next time. Can we forget about it? Please?" I nod my head and she is swift to hurry on with her words. "Oh, and you are SO getting that dress!" she shrieks anxiously as she practically drags me to the till. "Everyone will love it! It looks so amazing on you, but I think you should ditch the heels, you look a little wobbly..." she hesitates, wearily waiting for my response.

"Yeah, I think you're right." I exclaim, childishly flinging the shoes from my feet and ducking back into the change room to peel the tight-fitting dress off.

When I emerged from the change room a few moments later, I'm wearing my regular clothes: A pair of skintight navy blue skinnies, a shapely black V-neck that leaves nearly nothing to the imagination and my favorite pair of black two inch sandals. 

"Let's go."


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