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"You guys my best friend is cooking tonight." I heard Justin say. I turned around and seen him looking at his phone.

Justin was at my house so I was cooking for me but since his hungry ass is here I'm cooking for two.

He walked up behind me and stood there. He was quiet so I turned back around and looked at him.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I said. He jumped up. He was filming my ass and using his hands to air squeeze my butt.

"Nothing." He said laughing. I smiled and looked back at the food I was cooking.

"Say hey to snapchat Y/N." He said shoving the phone in my face. "Hey bitch the fuck." I said lifting my top lip and looked away.

"Dis bitch..." He mumbled. "What chu say nigga?" I said looking at him. "Oh nothing best friend." He said smiling.


"Who was that chick on your snapchat last night Justin?" Selena said walking up to me.

"Why the fuck do you care?" I said. "Because I want to know!" She said.

"Last time I checked, we didn't date lil mama." I said holding her chin and smirking.

She huffed and jerked away from me. I chuckled and walked to my locker.

"Justyyyyyy!" I heard someone say. I turned around and seen Y/N. "Nigga." I said smiling.

"I came to yo damn school, transferred to this bitch for you and you gon call me a nigga?" She said rolling her neck.

"You wanna be a wigga?" I said grinning like an idiot. She squinted her eye and put her teeth together hard.

"I'm just kidding ma." I said pulling her into a hug. She immediately hugged back. "Aw best friend." She mumbled.

"Ohh Justin. Get you one." Nate said smiling. I chuckled. Y/N whipped around so fast I did even know we stopped hugging.

"Bitch.." She said. "Ew you. You couldn't so better Justin?" He said. "Fuck you Nathaniel!" Y/N squealed.

He laughed. I was holding in my laughter. She turned around and looked at me.

"Bye bitches! I need to get to class." She said. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "Walk with me." I said putting my arm around her shoulder.

She rolled her eyes and started walking with me. "Hey you're that girl that was on Justin's snapchat! You got a big ass." This girl said.

How she get my snapchat? "Thanks..?" Y/N in question form. The girl smiled and laughed.

"Compliment." She said. "Oh well yeah thanks!" Y/N said more cheerfully. The girl laughed and walked away.

"My ass is gonna be famous! My ass is gonna be famous!" Y/N ran down the hall chanting.

"Come on buddy!" She said pulling me with her. I chuckled and starts jogging to her.

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