New Boi

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"Bitch can you do a spilt on a dick?" I said. "No." Kayla said. "Bitch you gotta go cuz you ain't welcome here no more." I said.

We burst out laughing. "I love her!" Jazzy said. Me and Kay started mean mugging.

"Who the fuck put you in the convo?" Kay said. "Ya feel me." I said. "Fine ya lil stank weaved having ass bitches." She said walking away.

"This white bitch." Kay said. I burst out laughing. "Jazzy ass don't play." I said grabbing my history book out of my locker.

"Omg! Justin Bieber goes to our school now!" She said. "Who?" I said looking at her strangely.

"That cute insta famous white nigga who mostly only hangs with black people and dates black girls!" She said.

"Damn how'd ya know all that?" I asked. "Instagram dumbass. And he also has a cute ass mixed son." She said.

"He got a child??" I said slamming my locker. Everyone looked at me. I put my history book in my face.

Kay laughed looking at me. "Yes he does." She said smiling. "Wow. He better be fine!" I said.

"Why you say that?" She said as she started walking with me. "Because he got a child and y'all still want him." I said.

"Well he is very fine." She said laughing. "Ah shit! There he goo!" She whispered getting behind me.

I looked in her eye direction frantically. Then I seen this cute ass white boy. I follow him on Instagram I think!

"Damn he is fine!" I whisper yelled. She started cheesing real hard. "No bitch." I said bluntly as my smile fell.

"Hey, can you show me where room 306 is?" Someone said. I turned around and seen the cute white nigga.

"Uh.. sure." I said blinking really long. He chuckled and nodded. "Cool. I'm Justin." He said smiling.

"Im Y/N." I said. "Im gonna go to class bye Y/N!" Kayla said giggling. My eyes went wide and I smiled nervously.

"Bye best friend." I said. I looked back at Justin to see him staring at me. "Can I see you schedule?" I asked.

He nodded and handed it to me. I looked at it and almost kissed the paper. We have 1st through 4th.

Only 4 blocks now. (This how it is at my school now. Hate that shit 😒😑 ) "We have like all the same classes." I said to him.

He smiled brightly and nodded. "Exactly what I needed." He said. "What?" I said confusingly.

"I need a beautiful girl in all my classes." He said looking down at me. I blushed and looked away.

"Let's go to first period." I said smiling. "Aight." He grabbed my hand and started walking with me.

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