Chapter 6

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~•Time Skip To Training•~

"There they are!" I exclaim.

Yukino and I have been waiting patiently for at least 15 minutes for the Twin Dragons to arrive.

Sting and Rogue are running towards us at a fast pace, but they're still a good 500 feet away from us. I smirk, realizing this is a great time to demonstrate my magic.

"Enhance Speed: Fifty Percent!" I chant, my hands surrounded by my (f/c)-colored magic.

The same colored magic also surrounds Sting and Rogue, and I can see they're thoroughly surprised at how fast they're running.

Within a couple of moments, they stop in front of Yukino and I.

"What's your magic?!" Yukino asks me, eyes wide. Since she's a newcomer to the guild, she has never seen me fight or even use my magic.

I grin.

"Support magic." I respond, sort of vaguely, but she'll understand once we're fighting.

"That'll be handy in a fight." Rogue smiles at me.

"Yeah, but how are you at actual fighting?" Sting questions, grinning, his tone competitive and challenging.

"Why don't we find out?" I say, smirking with slight confidence.

"Are we doing tag team battles, (Y/N)-san?" Yukino asks shyly.

"That's actually not a bad idea. I say yes. What do you guys think?" I ask the Twin Dragons.

"Yesssss! I call (Y/N)!!" Sting says, like a child.

I narrow my eyes slightly but chuckle.

"Don't call me, be with me." I say, then turn bright red as I realize what I just said.

"I-I mean...that's not what I meant!" I stammer out, while Rogue laughs his ass off. Yukino softly chuckles at my embarrassment.

Why did I say that?! Stupid, stupid, stupid me. I think. They already think I'm weird enough.

It must be my imagination, but I think I see Sting blush lightly.

I cover my face with my hands.

"Kill me nowwwwww." I accidentally moan out. Rogue laughs even harder because of my unintended innuendo, while Sting just blushes a deeper red. Yukino looks slightly uncomfortable, but laughs all the same.

My face now looks similar to the lost Titania's hair color.

"L-let's just start." I look down, embarrassed at my awkwardness.

"Start what?" Sting winks sexily at me. (A/N: Probably not a real word, but whatever XD)

"Pervert!" I say, blushing, and I hit Sting playfully on the arm.

Rogue finally recovers from laughing.

"I think my abs got a workout from all that laughing." Rogue says, smiling.

"They'll hurt even more when I'm done with you." I tease him, but my tone is seriously seductive.

"W-what?!" Rogue asks, turning bright red.

I smirk at him.

"Anyway...let's start training!" Sting announces with a hurried voice.

"Good luck, (Y/N)-san, Sting-san!" Yukino wishes politely before standing next to Rogue.

"You too." I answer.

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