The truth is revealed -Chap 6

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Draco and I looked around in amazement as we followed Mr Dawlish into the next room. Like the first room, the walls where cluttered with books and documents. "What I will do is find your family record book and see if there is any information there, if not, we will need to look a bit further", said Mr Dawlish. "So, your name is Claire Potter, but do you know your real last name?" asked Mr Dawlish as he walked over to the book shelves. "No sir, but I think that Draco might know" I answered looking at Draco. "Well, my father didn't really tell me, but I overheard him saying something about Claire Snape".

"What?" I cried. "That's impossible, Professor Snape can't be my dad, and he is not even married!" I exclaimed. "Claire, he is not your dad, he is your brother", Draco replied calmly. "Why did you not tell me this until now?" I asked in dismay. "You were meant to help me Draco", I added.

"Look, I did not want you to get upset so soon, and I was going to tell you, I promise", he replied. "Listen, I will tell you everything that I know, but do not dare tell my father that I told you this, you too Dawlish", Draco whispered, finally acknowledging Mr Dawlish's presence.

"Claire, you are the daughter of Eileen and Tobias Snape, so you are a half blood; you are the brother of Severus Snape. Obviously, you are a lot younger than Severus, so he was your guardian for most of your life, as your parents were not very close to you or your brother and they fought constantly." Draco said. "Well, I guess that you don't need my help anymore, so you best be getting along now. Take care both of you", said Mr Dawlish, speaking out for once.

Draco and I made our way back to the main atrium of the ministry of magic, I was still trying to get used to the fact that one of my least favourite teachers was actually my brother.

"I am truly sorry that I did not tell you earlier, but I was worried that my dad might find out, and I was worried that you would get upset, so please Claire, forgive me", pleaded Draco. "Of course!" I replied and at that moment, without thinking and without warning, my lips were pressed to his.