Chapter Twenty-eight. "The Truth."

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"I fell in love with you because you loved me when I couldn't love myself."

Eric showed me to a shop where a rather young girl stood behind the counter and she had the necklace fixed in no time. Eric placed it around my neck again before he thanked the girl. Eric placed his hand in mine and pulled me with him out of the store again.

We kept holding hands, even though we got some strange looks as we walked towards someone I had not quite realized who was, before we stood in front of them. It was Abby and Valentine. Abby raised an eyebrow as we approached but Eric shook his head lightly, telling her to leave it. She smiled lightly to me as I got up on the rock as well and sat down behind her. "Hey, sweetie." She said and I smiled to her. "Finally Dauntless, huh?" she added and my smile got wider as I nodded.

"Yes, finally." I repeated before looking at Eric who was leaning to the rock in front of me but with his back turned to me. I had noticed his annoyed expression but then again he had just earlier been greatly insulted by Ly.

"What happened? He doesn't look that happy." Abby suddenly asked in a whisper and leaned back towards me. She asked me even though Eric had made her drop it before. I sighed before looking back at her, however it was not only her that looked at me. Valentine was too listening in on our conversation. I looked at him and he smiled lightly before I looked back at Abby again.

"Gabriel." I started and Abby sighed. "He approached me at a party, his sisters had pulled me along to. He tried again to take the necklace from me, and actually succeeded." I added before placing a hand over the small pendant. "However, Eric was there and he took the necklace from Gabriel before pushing him away from me, but Gabriel's sisters and my friends was there and the saw it. Ly yelled at Eric, and they weren't nice things." I smiled before looking back at Eric. "I then ended up defending him and yelled at my friends."

"Sweetie." Abby began and I looked back at her. "If they are your true friends they will come to you again and you must tell them the truth." Abby smiled and I nodded before moving over the rock to Eric. I placed my legs on either side of him before allowing my arms to go around his waist. I hugged him lightly.

"Are you alright?" I asked quietly before leaning my head to his back. Eric sighed deeply as I felt his arms being crossed over his chest as his hands found mine. He squeezed my hands lightly before looking at me over his shoulder.

"I'm fine, but what about you?" Eric asked before turning his head back towards me when I raised mine ready to answer, but when I looked over Eric's shoulder my eyes landed on three people approaching us. "I think you must tell them the truth this time." Eric said before standing up and allowing me to get down from the rock.

It was Roxy who came to me first and she hugged me tightly. "Are you alright?" She asked before releasing me again. I nodded before feeling my tears emerge again. "Will you please tell us, what's going on?" Roxy added as Luke and Elijah arrived as well. 

"I'm sorry for yelling but I could not just stand there as Ly made Eric the bad guy." I smiled as Roxy looked at Eric before back at me.

"But isn't he?" Roxy asked and I felt Eric tense beside me.

"No, he was only protecting me." I smiled before looking up at Luke and Elijah behind Roxy. They too looked a bit confused and I sighed. "I like him. There's much more to him that just the Eric we came to know." I smiled but knew I had to tell them the entire story and why Eric had done what he did. Luckily Roxy and the others listened while I spoke and explained the entire situation to them.

Roxy came to understand, but still not why it had to be Eric I had fallen in love with. I only smiled as she glared at Eric. "You hurt her, it's me you'll have to answer to." She warned and Eric raised an eyebrow ready to say something when Abby's laugher joined in from behind me.

"You hear that brains?" Abby smiled and I looked at Eric. "You do not only have to answer to me, but to this one as well, I like her already." Abby added and Eric mimicked her words before I laughed lightly at them.

"Eileithyia, do you want to come back with us to the accommodations. It's our last night there." Roxy asked and I smiled brightly before nodding. "Great." Roxy said before she turned back to Luke.

"See you tomorrow?" I asked and Eric looked at me with a raised eyebrow before he took a step closer to me.

"You think you'll get away that easily?" Eric asked before he placed a hand behind my neck. I smiled before tiptoeing so to reach him first. We kissed before I turned away from him, only to be met by Roxy smirking at me. I sighed and rolled my eyes at her as we walked back towards the accommodations.

There was no one else than us in here as we pulled Luke and Elijah's beds together and sat down in them. We talked about everything, but mostly about what would happen tomorrow and what kind of jobs there was. Elijah mentioned a few he had heard from some of the Dauntless born, but none of them really seemed interesting to me and I hoped there was something else that said me something.

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