twenty-one//up in the air

Zheng's jet
[June 20, 2016
8:22 am]

Louis groaned underneath his breath as he heard saw the swarm of paparazzi in the center of the airport.

Glancing over his shoulder Louis nudged his head towards the others. "Go head to straight to the plane and I'll handle this."

"Yes sir." The men announced before moving around to go about they're business. Louis crouched down locking eyes with Mason who was staring at the swarm of people.

"Mason, it would be better to let me carry you okay?"

Mason nodded climbing into Louis's arm immediately moving to place his face into the man's shoulder.

"Cover your head and face completely. Do not peak until you hear me say the pineapple, understand."

Louis only straighten up once he felt the two boys nod into his neck. Preparing himself Louis moved into the airport making one of the camera turn towards him before all did.

"Where's Hunter?!" the first initial voice from the far back. 

Louis simply stared at the swarm of reporters with his blank face as he hitched the boys up higher.

"Minding his business how about you return the favor." Louis snapped a certain edge in his voice. He smiled as he heard Leo and Mason chuckles.

The paparazzi stood quiet for a second before the rest joined in. "Are you the new boss? Or just the underboss!" Someone shouted directly behind Louis but he ignored them.

Louis growled in warning as he moved slowly. The piece of shits formed a circle around Louis moving slowly to snap pictures and shout out comments and questions.

"Are you fucking Hunter now? What would Zheng say if he knew?"

"Is Hunter worried about Zheng find someone else in prison?"

"Who is Leo?!"

"Is Hunter visiting Zheng at all in prison?"

"Is Hunter gonna file for divorce? If so, will he be receiving half of Zheng's money?"

Louis's head snapped towards the female reporter who asked the last question. His eyes might be covered but she felt the hatred burning through them directly at her. The lady immediately moved farther back but that seemed to encourage the rest of them to move forward towards Louis.

One reporter seemed to get bold moving to approach the man almost standing beside him. His camera positioned high to try to catch a photo of the young Mafia heir and his best friend.

Stopping Louis moved Leo up higher as he placed his hand placed directly on his gun making the paparazzi finally notice it.

"Non voglio che qualcuno 'accidentalmente' farsi male in modo diamo alcuni piedi indietro per scopi di protezione." (I won't someone to 'accidentally' get hurt so let's take a few feet back for protection purposes.)

Despite no one understanding him, they did know it was threat. A underline threat that promised misfortune for who ever approached more.

The statement held great effect as the paparazzi immediately started to back away. Louis gave a fake smile, making some of the people flinch before taking more cautious steps back away from him and the boys.

For a few minutes of peace Louis moved through the airport nodding as he noted some of his men waiting for commands. The paparazzi still followed but stayed back continuing to shout out.

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