Chapter 1 - Why do I always lose?

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✳ Picture of Valentina ✳

Valentina's P.O.V.

Why do you think I stay here?
If you were here I think that you would be screaming in my face 'Their going to Vagas. Pick up your things and go!!! They beat you and you have no friends in school because they abuse you too. So leave!! '

Well your right I can and should leave but I don't know if its the right thing for my little angel. My little sister. Her name is Valeria Regina Lucas while my name is Valentina Renata Lucas. We both have dark hazel eyes and curly with light brown skin.

To her I'm mommy. I'm her mother and father figure. Unlike me whose 17 by the way she has friends because she doesn't have to worry about whose gonna cook and provide or who has to clean the house.

I take all her beatings. She is a kid so she does kid like things, I mean she plays in the mud and then comes inside or she breaks things or she talks back but never will I let that nasty man that calls her a mistake ever lay a finger on her.

She's seven years old and I'm seventeen so I have been her mama since I was ten. She is my life and soul and I think running away could be the best for her. I need to be in tip top shape to take care of her because she has a trouble some personality. She attracts trouble and she likes to prank and confuse people.

I don't like to have to work all the time but if I spend money and they see it and i dont have a job then they will know that I get money from my grandmother.

She said that she always knew that he was a bad man but Shella, my mother, went ahead anyway. I work to provide for Val but every three month grams puts five thousand dollars in the bank. So I can afford to run with val. I'm gonna do it. We're gonna run away tonight and I know just where to go.

Running is a risk that I'm going to have to take to keep her safe.

You see my grandmother's neighbour is moving out so I think me and Val are taking a little trip to Miami.

"Come on Val we have to go now, baby please be quiet," I wispered. In the process of escaping our neighbour saw us coming out the door with all of stuff and his noisy ass called our parents to tell them. So now we're jumping out of the window and Val is scared.

"OK I'll come down now," she softly whispered in her sweet innocent voice.
She tightly closed her eyes and jumped. I caught her and took her in my arms running to the closest bus station.

We rode the bus till the airport and borded our plane.
As we sit in our seats I pull Val into my lap because I know that she's tired. Val instantly falls asleep.
I kiss her forehead and softly whispered my promise. "I will never let anyone or anything hurt you because you are my angel and you are the only reason I keep on fighting."

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