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"PFFFT HAHAHAHA SHE WOULD NEVER SAY SHE WOULD SPEND THE REST OF HER LIFE WITH YOU!!" Abby cackled "NO!" She stood in front of Francesca "You will not touch her!" She snarled

"It- It must be done" Pierson was wobbling around insanely (like suzuya) he took out a knife from the inside of his shirt.

"PUSHES YOU INTO A VOLCANO!!" Abby yelled, hoping something would happen. Pierson began twirling the knife around his fingers

"Don't just say random things" He giggled madly "Be real'

"But y-you threw the ring i-into a volcano" Abby stuttered, trying to comprehend what was happening.

"I will--" Pierson stopped quite a distance away from Abby and Francesca "END YOU!!!" Pierson ran crazily to Abby. But instead of stabbing Abby, he did a front flip, jumping over Abby so that he was now in front of Francesca. Pierson stabbed her in the heart, instantly killing her. She fell to the floor. Dead.

Pierson jumped back to the position he was previously in, smiling insanely at what he had done

"F-Francesca" Abby fell to her knees, still facing Pierson, but she knew Francesca was dead. She saw her head fall, lifelessly, and hit the hard, cold ground along with her body, before her. "I failed you" Tears fell down Abby's cheeks as she collapsed onto the floor next to Francesca. Her last movement--

Holding her love's hand... For the last time

"I- I did it?" Pierson had a confused smile on his face "I did it" he knew what he had done "Yes. YES. YAS! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" He continued to laugh insanely but heard a voice in his head

'What've you done?! Abby will live with Francesca forever in the after life!!'

"Wait. but--"

'She will get married, have two children--'

"But they're both dead. Wait, I just--"

'And Tora (Francesca's dog, also our bae for lyfe)'

"Killed. Her. I didn't want her to know, Abby. I wanted to kill Francesca because. I wanted her; Abby. She was so perfect. I don't know. What have I done?! I KILLED HER!! I KILLED ABBY!!! I KILLED HER BY MAKING HER SAD!!!!!!" The sudden realisation was literally making Pierson go insane, he held his head, battling the voices in his head... What has he done?


Abby held Francy "He won't be able to hurt you anymore" She kissed the top of her head. (Abby's now a guy btw)

"I CANNOT LIVE WITH THIS SHAME!!" Pierson held a knife to his heart "I MUST END IT!!!" Ghost Abby crept up behind Pierson. Pierson stabbed himself in the heart, but the knife broke... He forgot... He was a ghoul. He broke down crying "Why? I'm sorry Abby. I'm sorry. You should be able to live a happy life... Without me."

"I know you'll never love me as much as I love you. I miss you so much..." Pierson kept crying and crying until he felt someone hold his hand

"You can join us. In heaven. That's where you belong"

"HUH?!" He turned around to see Abby's ghost "Really?"



"Your heart has dark clouds" Pierson frowned at his comment "But doesn't everyone?" Pierson looked into Abby's eyes thoughtfully "Bit by bit, they will float away" He stood up, looking off into the distance "Like your actions"

"I'm sorry Abby. I love you" Pierson apologized

"It's okay, you can join us at our ball. There's someone I want you to meet" Pierce stood up and followed him to the ballroom. the edges broken off, as if apart of their imagination...


"Just dance with me... For a little while"

"O-Okay" Pierson put his head on Abby's shoulder since he was shorter than him, and Abby wrapped his arms around Pierson's waist as they swayed side-to-side to the melodic sounds, bouncing off of the non-existent walls. Suddenly, a glow surrounds Abby and Pierson as another Abby comes out of him, it looks just like him. Human flesh and all.

"In this world, everyone deserves love. So here, I give you the part of me that always secretly loved you. You will have to wake up his love for you. You will go back to Earth..."

"A-Abby, but--"

"I must stay up there with my love, Francesca" Abby said, Pierson looked over his shoulder at the part of him that loves him before looking back at him. He put his hand on his forehead, pushing his hair out of his face, and kissed his forehead. "You must go now, we will always remember you, but you won't remember us" A small tear slipped out of Pierson's eye



"One more thing"

"Anything" Abby lightly smiled

"Please... One last time.

Hold me"

As Abby was taller than him, he hugged Pierson, placing his chin on top of his head. He began singing a song to him that made her fall asleep. He let go of him and sent him back down to earth

His last thoughts of Abby...

You will always live in my heart Abby.

But I know I must go



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