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It was a normal average day for the people of Camelot. Many men working and plowing their fields in the heat of the day as their wives sowed clothes for themselves and to sell to others. Kids from afar are heard playing ring around the rosie as older kids are finishing their school day dragging their feet while coming back home. But this wasn't just a normal day in Camelot. Little did Camelot know this day was the start of its journey to find its destined king.

As the kids were coming back home from their schooling a black hooded man came pass them carrying a black heavy sack with much frustration and difficulty. One of the taller kids asked the hooded man if he could help with the heavy sack but the man muttered something and still kept walking past the tall kid. After a while the hooded man made his way to the town square that was in front of the castle gates with the large circle fountain in the middle of the whole square. The atmosphere was care-free as the people carried on their day as the man carried his heavy sack to the middle of the towns square. Some children looked on to the hooded man as he carried the sack with difficulty to the nearest stone that was a little far off from in the fountain. he sat down on the white bricked floor and took a breath. Wiping his unseen face of sweat. He then looked at his sack. The children stopped playing as their curiosity took over as they stared at the sack as well. He grabs the sack and stands and starts pulling something from within the sack. He pulled out a sword that looked like a normal sword. It had an odd language enscribed on the sword that seemed to be a an old language from long ago. The sword shines like no other sword and glows like it's alive. The scene catches the attention of the people as the man holds the sword from the handle pointing down. The children especially looks on in wonder as the man turns toward the stone. The odd scene looks perplexing to the crowd as people wonder about the sword. The camelot knights put a hand on their swords not knowing what to expect from this predicament. The hooded man holds it for a moment as if he's whispering secrets to the sword . The knights slowly coming toward him in case the situation escalates. The wind starts blowing as his whisperings start getting louder. the guards keep moving closer until finally the wind starts being unbearable to get near the man. The wind blows over the mans hood showing his face.

"It's Merlin!" A knight says in the distance. Drawing more of the crowd in. Merlins blue eyes focusing upon the sword as his long white beard flowing with the wind every which way still enchanting a long spell upon it. In an instant he pushes down the sword in the stone as lightning striking the hilt of the sword making the sword glow bright. The flash blinds everyone for a moment. After a few seconds of blindness the people start to see the end result of the spell. As people slowly come to they look back toward Merlin who is still standing. The Area looks as it was before untouched but with the added difference of the sword being in a stone up to the very hilt. Merlin looked pleased at what was done shifted his attention to the people with a cane that somehow appears behind him.

"People of Camelot! " Merlin grabs their attention s's if the lightning wasn't enough. "This sword will never separate from this hard stone..." There was a pause. The people not knowing what he meant started to talk amongst themselves.

"Um.. Why?!" One of towns people yelled. Merlin noticed with that comment that none of the townespeople knew the meaning of this act.

"Because it is waiting for the rightful person that is worthy of being King of Camelot. Only the noblest of you will be able to lift this stone and become the rightful king of this faithful nation. Until then this sword will never leave its hard rock home." The people gasp. Townespeople have the chance to become royalty? Merlin looks on to the people seeing what kind of reaction will the people have. He could see that the people was trying to register what he said until a little boy runs straight for the sword and musters all his might to pull the sword out of the stone.