Chapter 1

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"Beatrice, Wake up! It is the first day of school!" My annoying brother Caleb yells, probably from outside my door. I don't want to go to school but I kinda have to or else I won't get into a good College and won't have a good life. I remove the blanket that covers me which reveals my skin the the cold air that surrounds my room. Today is the first day of my Senior year at Roth High. I have lived in Chicago since I was born but every single year people ask me if I'm a new student, I'm not very memorable. I slide out of bed and make my way towards the closet and pull out a grey sweater that says 'looking for a fanboy', black leggings, and a white beanie. Once I put them on I put my hair into a lazy bun and then I slip on my glasses. When I look at the mirror, I instantly want to throw up. I see the girl that is short, pale, and has the body of a 12 year old boy.
"Beatrice." I turn to see my brother in the door way. He is wearing a blue button up shirt and black slacks. "You almost ready?" He asks.

"Ready to go to school and get made fun of like the past 13 years of my life: nope but I'll suck it up." I say. It is true, my main bullies are Lauren, Peter, and Eric. Peter and Eric are best friends but honestly they are so close, I could picture them being together. And Lauren is the main slut of our school, she used to be dating Mr. Golden Boy Four.

"Come on lets go before we ruin our perfect attendance record." He says and I almost crack a smile but I don't. We head down toward the garage which is on the ground level. We open the door and I see my baby, a red 2015 ford focus. Caleb and I ride in the same car because neither of us want to have to drive the Ferrari. Yes we are rich but don't want anyone to know or else people will be friends with us because of our money. My Mom is someone is a Orthopedic Surgeon and My Dad is a author so we are pretty much filthy rich. We get into the Ford, me in the Passenger and Caleb in the Driver seat. He puts the keys in and turns them but the car doesn't start.

"Oh shit." He mumbles trying not to say it to loud. "Oh shit what?" I ask with some anger. He looks at me with annoyance. I swear to god if this car doesn't start, I will kill someone.

"The car's battery is kinda.... Dead." He says and my eyes widen. "No! That means-" i start but he finishes with the word Ferrari.

"Nope! I'm walking!" I throw my hands in the air. No way will I have a bunch of teenage boys walking up to me asking about the car.

"School is 10 blocks away, by the time you get there class would be 15 minutes in." He says and I groan because he is right, I hate when that happens.

"Fine but this car better be fixed by tomorrow!" I groan. I get out of the truck, and make my way to the stupid Ferrari.

<at school>

I slam the car door and run away from it without saying goodbye to Caleb. Everyone has there eyes on me because of the red Ferrari I got out of.

"Oh look at the Stiff getting out of the fancy car!" Peter hollers and I red faster. One day I will wrap my hands around his neck and watch the life sink out of him. I walk into the school and see the sea of people surrounding the halls. I hear the roar of conversations coming from them all, the noise makes my ears bleed. I make my way towards the office where 90 year old Mrs. Garrison sits reading something.

"Hi may I have my schedule?" I ask as politely as I can. She looks up at me and smiles a little. "Name?" She asks so quietly I could barley hear, well she is like 90 not like she is gonna yell it.

"Beatrice Prior." I say with a chirpy voice. I have always hated my name but I don't really care, not like I'm gonna change it. She looks through a bunch of yellow files with names on top of them until she finds mine.

"Okay hun here it is." She says and hands me the folder. I silently thank her and make my way towards my locker. Right as I open it I literally run into what feels like a wall and fall backwards but the worst part is, whoever I ran into fell on top of me and let me just say and way a ton.
"Oh my god I'm so sorry." I apologize, great they probably will tell me to get a life or to watch it like every other person in this school.

"No, no, it is fine." The voice is low and husky which I wasn't expecting. The person gets up and then they extend their hand to help me up, someone helping me? I'm not aware of this. I take it with some confusion and then they help me up. I finally get to look at them and the first thing I notice is the person eyes, a dark shade of blue mixed with light blue. They look like waves that would make drowned in them, they belong to no other then Four.

"You okay?" He asks. I'm kinda taken back that the most popular guy in school, quarterback, golden boy would help me up.

"Umm yeah." I say with my voice shaking. He continues to stares at me and I stare at him for a while, kinda awkward.

"My names Four." He blurts finally with with a small smile. It is kinda funny how he has to introduce himself to me.

"Yeah I know who you are." I mumble but apparently he heard it. "What do you mean?" He asks with some hurt in his voice.

"Well we have been in the same class together ever since kindergarten and we kinda live on the same street." I reply with a 'matter of factly' tone. He nods his head a little and then smiles. "I'm Beatrice. And better get going." With that I turn around and walk towards my locker which is 83. When I get there I open it up and see all my books nightly organized by subject.

"Tris!" I hear someone yell from behind me. I have never met anyone named Tris before and honestly I don't care, they would probably bully me. "Tris!" I hear them yell again. Damn, that person sure are desperate about this Tris person. I feel a small tap on the shoulder which makes me turn and see Four again, why in gods name does he want to talk to me again.

"Tris. You forgot your schedule after I fell on top of you." He says. Wait, Tris is me?

"Umm... Thanks" i say and take the schedule. "And my name is Beatrice, not Tris." I turn towards my locker but I cab tell he hasn't left yet.

"Yeah but Tris has more of a ring to it. Beatrice sounds like someone who smokes weed and gets drunk every night." He reply's and I almost laugh. I turn towards him with a raised eyebrow.

"Who says I'm not like that." I try to keep a straight face while saying that but when I see Fours reaction I laugh.

"I'm kidding." His look of confusion and worry fades and replaced by a small laugh.
"Four!" I hear someone yell from across the hall, he had darker skin and brown eyes I think his name is Zeke. Four waves towards him and looks at me.

"Well I gotta go. See you later, Tris." He says and I just shrug. He runs off towards his little friend and I let out a breath. Why is bloody hell was a jock like Four talking to a nerd like me?

So this is the first chapter! Hope you like it!!!!!!!!

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