Chapter 5

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"No, Nikki!  You're supposed to kick them in the stomach first, and THEN break his nose!!!!!!!"  Coach Woodruff shouted in my face.  "Gosh dude, say it don't spray it."  I thought disgustedly to myself, as I wiped some of his spit out of my eye.  I didn't dare to say it, though, because I have no doubt in my mind that if I did, Coach Woodruff would make me run another 50 laps.

Yes, I used to be one of those people who LOVED P.E.  It was my favorite part of the day, back in my old school, because it was the one thing I was good at.

Now, I despise PE with all of my heart, after the coach made me run 50 laps, do 250 pushups, and then hang on a bar for 45 minutes.

I could sue him for child abuse!  That is, if I had any money, which I don't.  Well, it was a nice thought, at least...

Finally, I heard something that sounded like thousands of angels from above singing.. the ring of the bell.

I grabbed my bag and ran out of that classroom so fast that  Speedy Gonzales himself would be amazed.

"Nikki!  Wait for me!" I heard Rosie's voice calling out over the noise of the other kids' voices as they walked to their next class.

Panting, she finally caught up to me.  "We have our next class together, Covert Ops, or as they call it around here, CO."

I found it a tiny bit hard to believe that loud, talkative Rosie could ever be in CO, where the whole point of that class is to be quiet and sneaky.

As if she was reading my thoughts, Rosie grinned evilly, and informed me "I can be quiet when I need to be!"

Well, that would be interesting to know.  Rosie seemed devious by the sound of her voice, and I would have been a little freaked out, if she didn't have a friendly sparkle in her eyes that she always gets when she's trying to be serious, but failing.

"Great!  So, do you know the way to the classroom?"  I asked her, and she nodded, dragging me over to an open doorway.

I walked inside, and I felt excitement build up inside of me, as I looked around the room.  It was defiantly not like any other classroom I'd ever seen.

The walls were lined with posters such as "Don't be caught-it's not cool."  and "If you're not good at sneaking, you're not good at anything".

On the floor was a sort of obstacles course, surrounded by a high tech security systems.  It was just like in those movies, where there were laser beams all over the floor, and you had to get to the other side without setting the alarm off.

Oh yeah, I was going to rock at this!

The teacher walked in, and he grunted in a gruff voice "Alright ladies, let's see what you got today!  We have a new student, in case you haven't noticed."

He had very dark skin, with tattoos all over his ripped arms.  He was huge, he had to be about 6 ft 7, and this would normally seem very scary, but his eyes were twinkling.

I realized that everyone was waiting for me to introduce myself, and so I stood up, and announced "I'm Nikki."

I heard murmurs from all around, saying things like "That's the fire one."  and "She's the one who BLEW UP the testing room!!"