E L E V E N - The Pumpkins

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A/N: This may seem like a slow chapter but it's very important! Lot's of dialogue and I don't know about you, but I LOVE dialogue. You'll also receive more info about Edwin. Have fun! Comment and if you like it, Vote :)

Chapter Eleven

Josslyn scrunches her face. There is warmth emanating from a source she can't quite pinpoint. She tilts her head and notices a streak of sunlight flooding from the bay window where this bed seems flushed.

Where am I?

Gasping, she immediately sits up out of bed and frantically piece together the puzzle of her surrounding. Gray cement spread smoothly on the ceiling like Jiffy Peanut Butter spread on bread. White bricks stack on top of one another on the wall opposite from the bed. It's a condo. Immaculate. Modern. Masculine.  Black and white bouncing in transition from each furniture to the next. 

She rises off the bed, dazed and confused. She downcast to see that her foot has been bandaged. A man appears out of nowhere. He sports a tight fitted T-shirt with blue jeans that grip loosely onto wide hips. "Good morning." 

"Wyatt!" She gasps and topples over in pain. The memories return. Her ankle. Last night. Edwin. Kill. Phillip. Clutching her chest, she begins to hyperventilate as panic begins to drown out confusion.

"Josslyn." Wyatt reaches out for her.

"Don't touch me." She quickly cocoons her body with the bed sheet. "Why did you bring me here?" She demands a little too harsh.

Wyatt scoffs. "How about a genuine thank you for once Josslyn? C'mon." Wyatt lifts her off the floor and helps her into a bar stool beside the granite kitchen island. Again, Josslyn glances at her ankle bandaged ankle. Did Wyatt patched me up?

"I got you crutches too" He says as though he just read her mind. "And an ice bucket. You can soak your ankle in there. You'll feel better." He points the spatula toward a bucket in the far corner and sets a salmon egg Benedict in front of her. Josslyn is caught by surprise, either than man can cook or his girlfriend has yet to introduce herself by strangling me to death.

"I live alone, Josslyn." Wyatt smiles and sits opposite from her. "I would have brought you in for questioning last night, but you could barely open your eyes and I want to discuss what happened but I think you ought to eat first."

Wyatt has an uncanny ability to read her mind and she doesn't like it. She glares down at the plate and the glowing cup of orange juice.

"After my wife died, I ate canned food for a long time but I began cooking real food because I'd rather eat like a real human being."

"Don't be so sure of yourself," Josslyn smirks. "I haven't tasted it yet."

She picks at it then brings a forkful to her mouth. Like a piece of heaven, it melts with divinity. She tries to suppress a smile but she's got to give it to him, "It's tastes...delicious, Wyatt." She nods, reinforcing her approval.

His grin widens, showing his pearly whites and the glimmers of light from the window reflect off his blue irises, making them look almost green. She gulps as her heart misses a near beat. This man makes her feel so tingly inside she just wants to keel over from being in the presence of something so indescribable.

Guilt has never been a tasty ingredient and her appetite plummets. Here she is eating with Wyatt while Edwin is out there, searching for that bastard, Phillip.

"I'm full." She lies and pushes the half disturbed dish aside.

He raises an eyebrow, "you sure?"

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