Chapter 53: Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us

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The morning of my eighteenth, Reed came over and we chilled in the living room and the boys behaved themselves, they even began getting on, if you called a brief exchange of grunted heys then yeah they were ok.

We spent most of the morning in the living room playing on Robbie’s Xbox; I left them to bond over grand theft auto and sat in between them checking to see who’d posted birthday messages on my facebook wall.

I noticed that Blake posted “Happy birthday Katy x” which kinda confused me a little considering how we’d parted the last time we spoke and I decided not to mention it to Reed, also hoping that he wouldn’t look on my wall.

I was busy grimacing at the message Cass had posted, it was really long and there were loads of smiley faces and xoxos, when I got a phone call from an unknown number, I was guessing that it was some prank caller so I answered it.

“Yeah?” then I got the shock of my life when I heard who it was, I’d recognize that voice anywhere.

“Katrina? Is that you?” said that voice of the man that I had once loved and respected but he had walked out of my life, leaving a huge hole in it.

I almost hung up, almost, but I managed to keep my finger away from the end button.

“Katrina?” he asked again when I didn’t answer, I could feel my anger rising and I wanted nothing more than to…well I don’t know actually, I just wanted to do something.

“What the duck do you want?!” I almost screamed down the phone, almost.

“Katrina I know that you are angry but I just want to explain-“ he started but I interrupted

 “Why did you wait a year?!” I wasn’t going to make it easy for him so I continued before he had the chance to speak.

 ”And on my ducking birthday as well”

I heard him sigh “Katrina please just listen-“he sounded desperate and a part of me did want to listen but it was a small part, so small it was easy to ignore.

I stood up and faced away from the boys so they wouldn’t see me fight away tears “No you listen, never call me again. Do you hear me?” than I hung up and hurled my cell phone at the wall, it didn’t smash to my dismay.

Both Reed and Robbie stood up in surprise at my outburst, “What was that?” Reed asked noticing my hands were shaking with anger and shock.

Robbie put a hand on my shoulder “Are you ok sis?” leading me back to the couch and sitting me down.

“No I’m not, he-he called, why did he call me?” I said still in shock, the guys looked at each other

“Who?” Reed asked sitting beside me, I leaned my head on his chest and let him comfort me.

“Dad. He called me” I said and I saw Robbie freeze and Reed went tense, his chest was rigid.

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