Chapter Eight ~ Testing and Fang

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The sun had barely risen, not shedding much light on the training grounds, where I stood at 4:30. The breeze brought me back to three or four years ago, how perfect the weather had been back then for my test. And also how weak I was back then.

I would give them a fair test, to satisfy Tsunade and her crazy antics of this 'rehabilitation' nonsense.

A fair test, but a hard one. The thought of Aisa softened my mind a little towards the outcome of their expected failure's, but Aisa shouldn't live this life if he wasn't prepared for the suffering and damage it would bring him.

I thought long and hard, until the soon bloomed at 5, and my genin stood in front of me.

"You didn't wait for me," Aisa accused, crossing his arms over.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I'm your sensei now kiddo, not your brother's..."

Now that I thought about it, I didn't know what Aiden and I were. Acquaintances? What kind of relationship did we have? Parasitic? Predatory? Mutualistic?

"Friend?" Aisa asked, finishing my sentence.


"Yeah," I replied, going with it.

"Isn't that favoritism?" Red head asked, clearly irritated to be up this early in the morning. I smirked, knowing that my test would wake him up.

"Shut up," I said, not bothering to confirm or deny his nonsensical accusations.

"So what's our test?" A wide eyed Michiko asked me. I read her on the spot. She was very obviously intimidated by my presence.

I mean, I did use to be The Claw, a S ranked assasin. Not that they knew it. But it was kind of hard to tone down that intimidating presence.

"Follow me," I turned on my heels and led them to where I had prepared their test this morning.

I walked towards a cliff, where a fountain of water spewed off the edge. Then I turned to my students. "Alright, this will be your testing sight."

"Woah," Aisa murmured. "Never been here before."

The redhead snorted. "My brother used to take me here to train all the time, I have water type chakra you know," he bragged, smirking big time.

I rolled my eyes. Let's see that huge smirk on his face after this. I drew blood from my thumb, did the hand signs, and said the mandatory, "Summoning Jutsu."

A large spider appeared in front of me.

Michiko let out a squeal of surprise and terror.

"Don't worry, we're in agreement. This is my summoning, so he won't hurt you unless I tell him to."

"Uh... Did you tell it to?" Kento asked, nervousness seeping into his voice.

"As we previously discussed," I said to the spider, ignoring Kento. The spider quickly scurried through and inside the hidden cave domain that lay beyond the waterfall.

Watching the spider move so lithely, even Kento looked nervous. I had to restrain my mocks.

"Get over it," I told the three, who's faces were plastered with fear and doubt. "Either you're able to push down that fear, and get the mission done, or you're not fit to be a ninja. No one said this job was easy." I lectured, not bothering to tone down my bluntness.

"As you three saw, there is a spider in those caves that lie behind the waterfall--"

"What's with the dog?"

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