How You Met

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Lestrade - You are sherlock's sister and was in the living room of Baker street when the silver haired inspector came round to ask sherlock about a case. "Sherlock i need your..." the inspector trailed off surprised by the sight which met him as he entered the flat, he was expecting Sherlock or john but was met with a pretty girl who was you. "Hi" he said. "Hi" is all you could say, you were speechless because of the silver fox who was looking for your brother. When Sherlock walked into the room from his, he could deduce the two of you within seconds. Sherlock was protective of you and always tried to keep guys away, so he started with lestrade, "Dilated pupils, sweaty palms and your voice has lowered. Have you got feelings Graham?" Sherlock said. "Not now Sherlock. And it's Greg". "Fine Greg. This is my baby sister Y/N" Sherlock said in a mocking tone. "I'm not a baby anymore Sherlock, so stop treating me like one" you snapped back. "DI Greg Lestrade of Scotland Yard" said Greg with his hand extended to you which you gladly shook not without noticing him discreetly wiping it on his coat after Sherlock's earlier comment.

Mycroft - You. Y/N. Got a job in the british government. Only as a PA but it was a good job. Today was your first day as PA to a man called Mycroft Holmes, who you hasn't met yet but suspected he was related to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. You got to your office and settled in before your new boss showed up which gave you time to check to see if anything was scheduled for the day. Moments later a red haired man carrying a briefcase and an umbrella walked in front of your desk and stopped which made you look away from your computer and at the man. You were shocked and strangely attracted to him. "Mycroft Holmes. You must be Y/N my new assistant. You are expected to be available in an instant at all hours, Do you understand?". You couldn't speak, just nodded. "Good" he said with a small smile on his face. Then he left and went into his office. The moment he closed the door the only thing on his mind was you. He wondered how a beautiful woman like you would want to be an assistant in the government. He knew he would have to keep an eye on you.

John - It was a normal day. You went shopping for groceries and was at the checkout where you heard mumbling and cursing from the man next to you. You thought he was arguing with another customer or a staff member. But when you glanced across you saw he was arguing with the chip and pin machine which made you giggle. He noticed this which made him look at you, so you stopped, which made him give a little laugh. Then you both started laughing uncontrollably not caring about the looks people were giving you. "Hi im Y/N". "John Watson." he extended his hand which you shook. " Do you need some help with the machine" you asked, in which he replied with a hint of embarrassment "yeah I just think it hates me". This made you laugh again. Once you finished you both left the shop, he decided to walk you home, which you didn't want to refuse.

Sherlock - You were an intern under Molly Hooper at St Bart's Hospital. Molly had told you about Sherlock and by the things she said you could tell she had feelings for him. But today was the day you were going to meet him for the first time. You wasn't going to lie to yourself but you were quite scared to meet him. You were sat looking through a microscope when the door flew open and a tall man with curly hair strutted in. That is when Molly starting acting weird, that's when you figured out he was Sherlock. At first you thought he was nothing special but he intrigued you in some way . He was looking at some files that Molly handed him when he spotted you sat at your microscope casually glancing in his direction so he walked up to your seat and tried to deduce you but he got nothing. Not a single thing. "Who are you?" he asked. This shocked you and Molly because you both know Sherlock knows or finds out everything. "Y/N. What have you deduced about me Mr Holmes?". He quickly changed the subject and said he needed to be somewhere. You knew that wasn't the last time you would see him.

Moriarty - Being the third Holmes came with its ups and downs. You were so much like your brothers but was more social than them. You had many friends but also many enemies because of them. You knew this because you noticed black cars following you every now and then, and large men appearing when you went out for coffee or on a morning run. One day you came back from your morning run to a man in an expensive suit sat in your living room. "How did you get in here?" you shouted at him. "That doesn't really matter, because you can't do anything about it, can you? Well anyway I should be going but remember this Y/N. You will be seeing a lot more of me and very soon. Just keep an eye out." He started to walk towards your front door but before he reached it he said bye in a happy tone which was unusual for someone who just broke into your house. You found yourself unscared of the man. Later on you found a card on your kitchen side that said 'Jim Moriarty, Consulting Criminal' on. You kept it just incase.

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