The 3 T's

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"What are the 3 T's" I ask.

"The 3 T's are different special abilities starting with. First teleportation. That's when you will be able to teleport where ever want to by thinking of the place you want to appear."

"What is the second T, Doctor Zola?"

"Telekinesis. That's when you will be able to move thing's with your mind and telekinetic wave emission (Pushing target's away.)

"Okay, and the last T?"

"Telepathy. That's when you will be able to communicate with other's by your thought's. You will be able to control people's mind like mind reading."

"But if I can do all of this in the future how do you know i won't escape or control your mind?" I say trimputmently.

"That's where this comes in." He point's to a small device in his ear that look's like a tiny hearing aid." When you do get your procedure and you become capable of the 3 T's me, the scientist, doctor's, and the soldiers will be wearing these so don't try any thing my dear. The procedure  is tomorrow at 9 am it will be painful but it will be worth it."

"What happens after the procedure, Doctor Zola?" I ask.

"Training of course." Doctor Zola says smiling. 

Tomorrow i'm going to turn into a freak. 


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