How they met

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Peter Parker had lived with Aunt May his whole life. That was until she discovered his secret. She has found out that he was spider-man not long after he got his powers. He was worried if that something bad would happen to her so Aunt May now lives in a different location safe from danger. Peter lives with Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers. They had always wanted a child so they volunteered to take him in. He had been living with them for a while so he calls them Pop's and Dad. He even felt like their actual son at times.

One day Peter or spider-man was out searching for trouble in the city. He went on top of a ledge on a roof. Suddenly his spidey scenes went off. He turned around just as out of nowhere a man appears right in front of him. Peter didn't expect that. Since he was shocked he started to fall off the ledge. This man caught him by the waist as he grabbed this guys shoulders without even realizing it.

They stood like that for a couple of seconds.

"Uh... Thanks?" Peter said as he let go of the man. He wore a read and black suite. His costumes was sort of like peters. He was also a head taller than him. "I'm Spider-Man." Peter stuck out his hand ready to shake this mans hand.

"Deadpool" he disappeared and reappeared behind him. "Arachnid boy. I've herd about you before" Peter turned around and deadpool poked him in the chest. "You probably want to repay me now for saving your life"

"I would have survived if you didn't catch me anyway."

"Sure you would have. Anyway you can repay me by buying me chimichangas." Peter crossed his arms.

"I'm not buying you anything."

"Fine" Deadpool shrugged. Then he disappeared.

"Huh, weird guy" Peter sat down. Now that he thought about it he was actually kind of hungry. A minute later Deadpool appeared again. He held a plastic bag.

"Food" he said and passed the bag to Peter. He sat down next to him. He raised his mask right below his nose to eat. Peter didn't question why he was doing this, but he did wonder why. As they were eating Mexican food they started talking. When Peter was talking it felt like he knew this guy his whole life. He talked about school. Crimes he'd stopped and Deadpool listened. Every now and then Deadpool would make a joke. Then when Deadppool started to talk Peter listened. Deadpool was surprised. After talking or listening to him people usually get annoyed with him Peter didn't. He just talked to him like he was normal.

After Peter was finished he realized it was late.

"Oh god I forgot I have to got home. My dads are going to kill me!" Peter did a face palm. "I got to go, but see you later." He shot out a web and left.

Deadpool watched as he left . He ran everything that happened through his mind. This boy had a effect on him. Tomorrow he was going to find that spider.

As Peter was going to his house He couldn't get Deadpool out of his mind. He had a Peter got home late at night. He took off his mask as he had tried to sneak in when Jarvis had alarmed Tony and Steve.

"Dang it" Whispered Peter. Tony and Steve appeared right in front of Peter.

"Where were you. You are not supposed to be out this late mister." said Tony. Peter tried to think of what to say to them both by getting the least amount of trouble. His eyes wandered to the ground as his mind wandered to Deadpool. As it did he smiled to himself. Tony and Steve shared confused looks as they saw Peter start smiling to himself.

"So you met someone?" said Steve. Peter started blushing.

"What? No!" He started blushing harder. Tony and Steve both looked at each other smiling with the information that they just found out. He rushed up stairs before they could say anything.

When Peter reached his room he thought about Deadpool. He decided tomorrow night he was going to find the mercenary.


I hope you like it. It's my first spideypool story. So I hope you like.

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