Kidnapped and pregnant

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I woke up in a hospital bed and than i remember what happened. I stared at the three machines that were hooked up to me and that's when i started to cry like alittle baby i am!

The door opened and i layed my head back down and pretending to be gone, like blacked out kinda gone.

~Moms p.o.v.~

It killed me to see my daughter lying in that filthy bed. I sat down next to her and stroked her messy hair,imma have her dye it back cause it looks ugh.

The doctor walked in and he was cute.

I read his nametag and it said gale.

I frowned and gale rubbed my back."i am going to do the best i can."he said.

"This is too much!" I cry."i need my ex husband here with me right now." Aly wakes up and looks at her surroundings and that's when i got all happy and stuff. I got up and pulled her in a huge bear hug."baby your safe it's gonna be alright." I reassured her.

Aly stared at gale and he winked at her like some romantic lunatic."gale!" Aly reaches our for gale and he hugs her. I make a face and than sign."anyways, is she alright doc?" I asked lightly.

Gale nods his head while smiling."yea aly is alright and she can come home." I got up and hugged aly and than gale.

"Oh and aly you had a miscarriage. I'm sorry but your condition screwed the baby and it died you were having a handsome baby boy,i'm sorry." Alyssa screams and punches the wall an we all try and control her."MY BABY IS DEAD AHHHHH MY BABBYYY!!!!!!!" She screams while punching the wall.

I calm down and throw myself on the hard floor. I hate derek he did this to our son and now he's gonna pay.i want another baby asap!why does this have to happen to me? Gale lifts me up and places me in my bed and i lay there.

Mom-hunny don't worry I'm gonna be here for you no matter what okay?

Alyssa-*nods head* yeah thanks mom i just wanna be alone okay? *cries*

My mom gives me one last hug and walks out the room leaving me with G and I.

Gale-let me guess? You want another baby don't you? *kisses my cheek*

Alyssa-*sits up and wipes tears* shut up and get the fuck out! *cries again*

Gale throws his hands up in the air an leaves me in the room while crying. I hate everyone including life at this moment. I was gonna have a handsome baby now he's dead and I'm gonna have to deal with it ugh!

The next morning,it was time for me to come home. I signed out and i went outside to Wait for my mom with gale to my side.

Alyssa-I'm sorry about last night, it's just that my baby is dead cause of him.

Gale-i understand aly. And derek need to stay away from you and that's not a order it's a demand. *gets loud*

To shut gale up i lean in and kiss him on the lips letting his tongue slide in my mouth,I've never felt this way bout a guy before and i like that feeling!gale breaks the kiss and i bite my lip.

Gale-*lifts up my head* it's ok babe. & i know you did that to shut me up! Oh and your a good kisser.

Before i could say anything else or stop the blushing my mom pulled up and threw me in hundreds of hugs.

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