Chapter Three: Wavering Emotions

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Kagura's POV

There were a few hanging lamps dimly illuminating the alleyway. The cobblestone ground was snow coated as everything else. Rogue leaned against the wall of a brick building. I stood in front of him, chin and nose still tucked under my scarf. I put my hands in my pocket.
"What is it?" My voice was quiet, although I was trying to cover up how shy I really was. "I was wondering, why were you thinking those thoughts?" He asked.
"It's nothing you should worry about. It isn't anything you should know about either. You're a stranger to me, and I am a stranger to you." My voice turned slightly bitter.
"I know it may seem as that being a case but there's a possibilty that we could get along."
"There's no chance. We both have no need for eachother. I seek no reasoning as to get along with you."
He sighed. I was lying to myself, completely lying. I wanted to know a bit more about him, but do I really need him in my life? I'm not to certain myself.
"Why must you be so irritatingly persistent?" I said, voice rising unintentionally. I sighed at my actions and shook my head. "I apologize for being so... Ignorant. Perhaps you'd like to join me tomorrow for some lunch or breafast or something along those lines?" I asked, trying to make it up to him.
"Breakfast is fine." His expression turned firm all of a sudden, like something hit him. I didn't question it though. Maybe what I said was harsher than I may have thought it had been.
I cracked a slight smile, but no one could see, I was trying to give off some type of a friendly vibe. He was unshaken, though, as to be expected. I looked down awkwardly and he seemed to look around a bit too.
Just then a snowflake landed on my nose and I smiled. I looked up and the scarf fell off from the lower half of my face, revealing my smile. I could see Rogue's expression light up a bit, and I tried containing a blush.
"You should smile more often." He said, his voice seemed have more emotion.
"Well... To be quite honest, there's nothing to smile at for me, just times like this."
The snowflake melted, turning into water.
"Are you crying?"
I looked down and the water droplet fell.
"No. But saying what I said earlier makes me want to." My smile faded. Why did I reveal somethimg so personal?
He gave off a pulse of sadness. What I wondered was, how was I able to sense these emotions? I have never sensed things such as this before, not with anyone.
"What is it?" I asked, subconsciously.
"Why is that? Why do you want to cry? Why do you say things like: "I don't deserve to live" and "There's nothing to smile for".... Why do you do this to yourself?"
This hit me hard, why did it? I tried keeping calm and countered with, "Why do you care so much?"
"Because you have potential..." His voice dropped, barely audible. I let him continue.
"You have potential to live, your not worthless. I just hate something or someone of such potential go to waste."
His voice was gentle, but his expressions that wavered from him went stale, and he turned stiff once again.

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