Chapter 23

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We were sitting on a stake out when my phone went off.

"Jax you know the rules." Clay said.

I nodded and looked at my phone it was juice.

I answered the phone and Clay sent a glare at me.

"Jax! The clubhouse it exploded. And Rachael she was hurt." 

I didn't say anything to him I just hung up the phone and got out of the car.
Not listening to the protests of clay.

When he grabbed my arm I snapped.

"My old lady is in the hospital because of some bullshit you pulled with the Mayans!! So I'm going home to see if she's gonna live!! And if she doesn't clay you better hide!" I threatened.

I got on my bike and started to dive back to charming.
Tug pulled up by me so I knew he heard and wanted to be with his daughter.


The ride back was long and all I wanted was to get to the hospital.


"Juice how is she?" I asked immediately when I enter the hospital and saw him.

"I don't know she's still in surgery-" he began but was cut off by a doctor.

"Family of Rachael Trager?"

Me, Tig, and Juice stood up.

"How is she?" Tig asked.

"I'm afraid Ms. Trager has fell into a coma."

"Well is she going to be okay?" Tig asked. I was too stunned to say anything.

"I believe so. I think he brain fell into the coma to let her body and mind heal properly. She will wake when she is ready. " the doc said.

Tig thanked her and said that we could see her if we wanted.

"You know what this means right?" Tig asked.

"Yep. Time to retaliate against the Mayans. They need to know when to stop." I said looking down at the love of my life.

She looked so lifeless.

It took all the will power I had to to storm into the Mayans HQ a shoot each and every one of them.

" we'll get them back for this. I want all their heads" Tig said standing up and storming out of the room making and phone call.

"Visiting hours are almost Over sir." The doctor said.

I nodded at him and turned to Rachael.

"Please wake up baby." I placed a light kiss on her forehead and left the room.


We had made a plan of retaliation. I gathered the guys up and we left the rumble of our bikes being the only noise made.

We quietly made our way around the Mayan clubhouse rigging it with explosives.

Opie followed is around making sure we had everything set right for the detonation.

Once we were done we quickly moves out.

We rode off with an explosion sounding behind us.
That will make them think twice about messing with the sons.


Authors note: what do you guys this? Some drama going on in this chap. What's gonna happen to Rachael?

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