Chapter 1: Childhood Memories

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Chapter 1: Childhood Memories

Fifth grade years

Louis McCormick was tall for being only ten years of age.  He smiled as he heard the teacher say it was recess time. The other kids rushed outside, but Louis stayed. He waited and waited until he saw her. Her blond locks flew freely as she ran past him. She was his fraternal twin sister.

“Leila! Wait up,” he yelled as he ran after her.

“Give it back, you meanie!” She screamed as she ran after another kid. Louis tried to get a closer look and found out that it was him! He was the boy who stole his pudding! With anger rising up through his body, he pushed on his feet faster and finally caught up to her. Leila caught up to the boy and knocked him down. She sat on top of him, with her fists clenched.

“What’s going on here?” Louis was now out of breath.

“Get! Off!” The kid screamed in between his breaths.

“NO! Not until you give me back Mr. Cuddlekins,” she frowned as she reached for the bear. He put the bear under him, to tease her more.

“No, you’re not getting your mistew cuwwleskiwns!” The kid mocked her, making Louis angry too.

“She said give it back!” He snatched the bear from under him. Suddenly, the boy got up. He caught her off guard, making her stumble back hard.

“Owwww!” She screamed as she cried.

“It’s your fault! I told you to get off! You should get out of here, pudding boy.” He was ready to snatch the bear back, but Louis gripped on it harder. “Oh come on! Give it!” He glared at him.

“No!” Louis pushed the boy to the ground, hard. “Don’t you ever make my sister cry. Ever!”

Leila wiped her tears away as Louis passed her the bear. “I hate you, meanie!” She shouted as she followed her brother to one of the swing sets.

“Aww, Mason is a big fat meanie now.” Luke, one of the kids who saw what happened, said as he helped Mason up.

“Whatever! She got lucky that pudding boy saved her!” He pouted as he went back to the classroom.

 The rest of the year, Mason has pulled pranks and made Leila’s life miserable. He’d steal her lunch, put worms in her bag, and even have some of the other kids tease her. Throughout everything, Louis stood by her and protected her. He was the best brother anyone could ever ask for. Leila loved him dearly. He said that he would always be there for her and Leila believed him. She was just too naïve then…


Middle School years…

It was their first year in middle school. Leila paced back and forth, in her white button up shirt and long skirt. She was really nervous. She hated elementary years cause of him. And now her own brother was on his side too.

Louis and Mason have gotten closer over the summer. Mrs. McCormick and Mrs. Carmichael both enrolled them in the same football team. Since then, Louis would go sleepover at Mason’s or Mason would sleepover in their home. Leila closed her eyes, fearing that the tears might come out. She remembered that one prank he, scratch that, they pulled on her.

It was during Leila and her twin’s eleventh birthday party. Leila’s mother bought her a beautiful red dress. She twirled around, feeling like a princess. Just as she stopped, she saw Mason smirking at her. She stuck her tongue out. He walked off, shouting for Louis.

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