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August 8th, 2015.

{Y/N} POV:

I've been in my cat form, for a while. I was hoping if I stay like this, someone would notice me. I thought wrong. I wasn't giving up though, no, not this easy. 'Meow.' Swept out my mouth as I saw a human. "Ew! Get away from me!"
The person ran and left me stranded. I watched as he left. 'Meow.' I look up and rain poured on me. GREAT! I walk back to where I was earlier, till I felt a sharp pain on my back. "Little rotten cat." I whimper a bit. The two grown men laughed as the saw me hurt.

Till my surprise, a big light flashed upon me, and the men. -who? What?- I questioned in my head. "Leave that cat alone!" Hissed a man. "Yeah!" Another voice called. "Shut up, Hiro." The first one whispered. I chuckle in my head. The first boy jumps off a scooter, and pushed the men up against the wall. "Stop harming animals!" The men looked scared. I watch what was happening. "Did they hurt you?" The men shook their heads. "Then don't." The boy pushed them to the sidewalk, making them speed walk across the lights. The two boys looked at me. "You okay, kitty?" The second boy jumped off the scooter and walked by me. He looked my age. He was slightly cute too. I just stand their looking from the second male, to the first.

"Here." The second male took of his blue hoodie and wrapped it around me. As he did that, I was in his arms. "Should we help her, Tadashi?" The one who's called 'Tadashi' nodded. "Yeah, she doesn't look healthy." He petted my head gently and kissed it. "You'll be feeling better in no time." 'Meow'

I was happy to hear those words.

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