Episode 1: The Shadow of the World

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**As of June 5th, 2016 I am updating this story and will share every page of it here on Wattpad. I plan on sharing a chapter every Thursday until "THE END".**

This is sneak peek at my forthcoming serialized novel, Sand. It's a dark story about a former police detective, now a convicted killer on parole, who discovers he has super powers during a session with his psychiatrist. It's sort of a cross between Dark Knight and The Wire. This is the scene where we meet the villain. It has a little profanity and some violence, but nothing too gory.

Here's the temporary blurb:

In this gritty "Dark Knight meets The Wire" superhero series, an ex-con tries to break through his blackouts and memory loss with the help of his prison psychiatrist. His returning memories reveal that his daughter and grandson are in grave danger from a brutal killer with a grudge. But he also discovers a side of himself that only appears during his blackouts: a superhero with telepathic powers.
As he finds himself in a complex world of betrayal, dangerous alien biotechnology, and a dimensional rift to a world of waking nightmares, can he bring together the fragments of his broken mind in time to save his family, or is everything he thinks he knows just another figment of a deluded killer's imagination?

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