Part One

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"My name is Henry Yoo. You guys can call me Henry. I am from London, England and nice to meet you guys." I just stared blankly at his face. He got dark brown hair, slanted black eyes, rosy skin, and pointy nose. Wow, what a combination. I'm sure he is going to be as hot as hell.

"Okay, Mr. Yoo, you can sit beside Cristina, over there." The home teacher said while pointing his finger towards Christ.

"Don't call me Cristina!" Christ said.

"It's your name after all, Miss Lee." The home teacher snapped.

Well, that's my sister, Cristina Lee, or wanted to be known as Christ. I am Reese, yes, as in Reese Witherspoon, I love her so much. Nah, I'm just kidding, my name is Marissa, Marissa Lee.

"Hi, you can call me Henry." I turned my back, looking at the new exchange student named Henry.

"My name is Lucy Lee, you can call me Lucy." Lucy extended her hand to shake hand with him and smiled. I keep doing my poker face; I don't like smiling to a person I barely know who he is. I looked at him; up and down, examine him thoroughly. He looks tough, with the visible triceps and biceps on his arm, and his face looks manly too, he has a handsome looking face and he got his posh accent.

"Wow, you guys are twin. You look exactly the same except for the hair." He is pointing towards Christ and me.

"Actually we are triplet." Christ said while smiling widely. "Lucy is our younger sister."

So, Lucy who is currently sitting beside me is my younger sister, we are 'the Triplet'. Other than that, we have brothers, twin brother; they are in their sophomore year. When we are together, people called us 'the Lees.'

Even though we are triplet but our personality differs from one to another, triplet should be same in every aspect, but we are not. Christ is very friendly, she loves meeting new people while I am quite, I love peace and sereneness; I like to be alone reading books in my room. Then, Lucy is kind and she is a good person, she loves to help people and she is the only normal girl in the house except for our mother, she's not even a girl, she's grownup!

I know Karate, I do run fast, I know how to swim, I know how to do the Calculus, I know how to play musical instruments, I do but I don't participate in all of that while Lucy is in swimming team, Christ is in basketball team, my twin brothers are so smart so they joined all the Math contest and competition around the globe and they play instruments too in public, while me nothing, I hate doing something that attract attention, I hate how my name is said all around the school. I just don't want my name to be said, I don't want fame, but I am famous just because I am the Lees.

I was eating my lunch with my siblings and Henry when Adam, my brother, said that there was a girl who was fangirling over me in his class, and the annual ball ceremony will be held soon, so the girl wanted to ask me out to go to the ball. To be frank, I had already rejected seven girls in the past week.

I love my siblings but one thing that I hate about them, is that they love to bet on me. I mean like, this year's grade, or how long will my relationship last. I don't really like to be in relationship, so I always ended it, it's me who have problem with having relationship.

I stand up. "Hey." Christ said. "Where are you going?" She asked.

"Pee. Why? You want to come along?"

"I want to come with you." Lucy said.

"Hurry up then."

All the way to the washroom, I heard people whispering my name, like I am such a famous person, while I am not. I hate all this popularity, that's why I didn't participate in any school events.

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