Chapter II

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    The next morning, Carlos woke up with his body sprawled across the floor uncomfortably. He definitely had a cramp in his neck. Jay was still soundly asleep on the floor next to him.

    "Uh, Jay?" Carlos asked, shaking Jay's almost lifeless body to wake him up. Jay emitted a loud snore, shrugging the other's hand away from his body.

     "Alright, then." Carlos said, as he stood up and stretched his body out. Carlos immediately gazed around their room, specially at the mess they left from last night. Apparently, they had fell asleep playing video games and never cleaned up their mess.

     Carlos shrugged the task of cleaning up off and made his way over to his wooden wardrobe, before picking out a white and black sweater, a pair of neat khakis, and a pair of black boots. He then walked over to the bathroom, inside their dorm, to take a shower.

     As soon as Carlos got undressed from his old clothes, he stepped inside the shower and turned the water facet on. He let the warm water roll down his back for a minute, then he began cleaning himself up with his washcloth and body wash. After about ten minutes of bathing, he finally stepped out of the shower and put his new outfit on.

     As Carlos walked outside the bathroom into the dorm, he saw Jay waking up from his sleep over on the floor.

     "About time!" Carlos exclaimed, tossing his old clothes into his laundry basket.

     "You're funny," Jay replied in a sarcastic tone, as he stood up, stretching his body awake.

     "Where are you heading out to?" Jay asked Carlos, as he observed the other's change of clothes.

     "Oh, no where," Carlos replied, shrugging slightly to the other male. "I just wanted to get cleaned up and dressed."

     "Well then, you're coming with me," Jay declared, as he hurried over to his wardrobe, and began to search for something to wear.

     "Eh... fine," Carlos replied, not wanting to put up a fuss against him. Jay proceeded to the bathroom, leaving Carlos idly standing in the middle of their dorm room. As if on cue, there was a gentle knock on their room door. Carlos sauntered over to the door and quickly opened it. Outside stood Ben holding Dude, the school pet.

    "Carlos? Here's Dude. I found him wandering around in the halls this morning," Ben said, chuckling as he scratched the dog's head.

     "Oh, I'm sorry about that! He always gets missing in the early hours of the day," Carlos replied embarrassedly, taking Dude from the other's hands

     "It's no problem. I trust you're doing your best to care for him, Carlos. I'll see you later." Ben said, reassuring the other.

"Thanks Ben," Carlos said, before waving to him and closing the room door.

     Carlos walked over to his bed, and sat down, still holding Dude in his hands.

"Why do you always disappear?" Carlos asked, smiling at the dog. Dude only barked in response— Mal had managed to undo the effect that caused him to speak. Carlos petted Dude's head gently, before planting a tender kiss to his nose.

     A few moments later, Jay opened the bathroom door and walked out into the room in nothing but his tight underwear. Carlos looked up to the other and immediately, his eyes widened and a light blush formed across his face. 'Damn.' he thought to himself. 'Jay can really rock some underwear.'

     Before Carlos could get lost in his possible fantasies, Dude licked his nose and Carlos snapped back to reality. However, he couldn't resist the urge to peek out the corner of his eye at Jay, as he walked over to his bed and got dressed. He was putting on his typical burgundy leather jacket, a pair of black pants, and a new pair leather boots.

     As soon as he was finished putting on all of his clothes, Jay turned to speak to Carlos from across the room.

     "You ready?" Jay asked, smirking.

     "I suppose so," Carlos replied, standing up with Dude still in between his arms.

     "Let's roll, then." Jay said, leading the way towards the door.

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