Chapter 12

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The soft sound rung through the air even after Rin had pressed her hands together. Her eyes were closed as she faced a headstone of a grave, praying. Slowly, she opened her eyes; they looked empty and deprived of light.

She parted her lips as if she wanted to say something to the grave, but instead shook her head and starting walking away. The sound of her footsteps were accompanied by someone else's; Souji closely followed her with a slightly concerned yet annoyed look on his face. 

It had been a little over two week since that day and Rin had shut everyone out completely; she refused to talk to anyone, eat, sleep or do anything. Everyday, she'd visit her father's grave, spend a few hours there, return back to the dojo and for some odd reason, she'd go onto the roof of the building and spend her time there. It was mostly for solitude,

Kondou-san, being the worried mother hen that he was, had commanded Souji to keep a close eye on her so she didn't end up doing anything stupid.

To be more specific, Souji was told to keep an eye on her so she didn't run off to find who ever killed her father for the sake of revenge.

Now that Souji thought of it, none of them had seen the killer's face. When Rin had regained her consciousness that day, she said she had found her father dead in the alley. 

Those were the last words she said before shutting herself out.

As the pair neared the dojo, Souji glanced at the small figure walking in front of him. Every time he stole a glance at Rin, he'd feel a sharp tug of pain at the pit of his stomach. 

"I must be catching some stomach virus or something" he mumbled as he shook his head.

A long stretch of heavy silence filled the air. 

"Thanks for coming along today" Rin mumbled to Souji once they entered the dojo. She immediately took off and disappeared into the small maze of low roofed buildings. Those were the first words she had said in a while. An unusual feeling of relief filled up Souji. He suddenly knew what to do to get Rin back to normal: Distract her.


Rin sat at the edge of the roof on a building, deep in thought. She knew Kondou-San had asked everyone to keep a close eye on her, especially Souji, since he was the only one who could properly keep her under control; She could easily ditch Heisuke and Shinpachi. Getting away from Hijikata, Sannan-San and Sonosuke was a lot more difficult, but she could still manage it. Souji, on the other hand, would follow her everywhere she went except for when they were within the dojo's premises, and when she attempted to ditch him outside, he'd always silently appear behind her and drag her back to the dojo by force.

"Tch. I definitely won't be able to go after Tatsuo now" she growled as she bit her thumb's nail, trying to think of a way to ditch Souji.

The familiar sound of a bokuto being slashed through the air reached Rin's ears. Her hands suddenly itched to hold one of the wooden sticks in her hand and train; she hadn't sparred with anyone for what felt like ages.

Cautiously getting up, Rin made her way across the roof and peered over to the area where the sound was coming from, making sure her presence was hidden.

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