52. Hello Mummy

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52. Hello mummy

I looked at him wide eyes and scared, I heard her set something down in the living room and I quickly rolled off the counter. I made a soft thud which made her gasp loudly out of fright. I jumped to my feet and sprinted down the hall. I tried to shut the door quietly as my adrenaline kicked in. I grabbed a giant jumper and threw it on. It came mid thigh which I whole heartily, thought was appropriate as I would just pretend I was sleeping.

I pressed my ear against the cold wood door and listened to there talk.

"How are you and Rose?"

"We just got back together." He said proudly making me smile.

"Yeah?! Does she still live here?"

"Yeah, she's uh-" he struggled to think up a lie and that's when my instincts kicked in.

"Harry?" I shouted groggily as I made it to my bed. "Is something going on? Who's here, love?" I tried to sound dazed, and confused, but really sounded like a half dead zombie.

"Coming babe." He called back quickly.

"Harry." His mum, Anne, called after him. "Sweetie, put a shirt on." She urged. He took longer, presumably to grab a shirt, and stuff my clothes under his bed, out of his mothers sight; but when he came he had a thankful look on his face as he sat on the foot of my bed.

"Well Hello." Anne smiled at me. Anne was a sweetheart and was actually so lovely.

"Hello Anne," I crawled out of bed to give her a hug. "I had no clue you were stopping by!" I literally didn't, because if I did, I wouldn't have tried to bone your son.

"Yeah, it's a surprise. And I came bearing gifts." She turned around excitedly, walking back towards the west side of the apartment. Me and harry shared a glance and smiled to ourselves. I held my hand out and he grabbed it as we walked towards her. We took a seat next to each other, as she handed us the things she's brought along.

"I know you love your American politics, and I was at a book store so I picked up this book for you." She smiled handing me the politically decorated book. My inner geek shrieked with excitement.

"Thank you so much." I smiled genuinely. She nodded then gave Harry his gift.

"This was your fathers." She mumbled. His hands clenched around the small box with the white gold band.


"I was looking through the old stuff and-"

"Why would I want this?"

"Despite it all, he's still your father."

"So because you married him he's your husband?" He snapped. His mum looked down and back up. Harry has been bitter about his dad for ages. He thought it was wrong for him to move on, and never have a father in his life. His father just, kinda, left. He didn't leave an explanation, he didn't say goodbye, and hasn't bothered getting in contact. But his mum is remarried to Robin, and everyone loves Robin, but he still doesn't like his dad.

Harry went over to her and wrapped her in a hug. I watched them hold each other in silence.

"He had it made for you after you were born. It has your birthday and gemma's. Gemma has one too." She spoke softly as they let go.

"Thanks mum." He mumbled. Opening the box, and then closing it. Before he could set it out of my reach, I took it from his hands. I opened it up pulling out the white gold band, and saw Harry and Gemma on the front. I titled it towards the light to see the dates and saw his, and her birthday. I looked at him, although he didn't notice; him and his mum were already in deep conversation, I smiled. Just as he smiled I closed the box and put my hand on top of his that was on my knee. He glanced at me, as I smiled back he leaned over kissing my forehead, and then going back into conversation.

I quickly gained interest in there conversation when I heard about them mention holiday.

"Where do you want to go?" Anne asked sitting back in the chair. Harry glanced at me and shrugged.

"I suppose you'd want to visit your mum." He suggested. My attention snapped to his gaze. He raised his eyebrows excitedly.


"I haven't seen Felicity in ages!" Anne gushed her enthusiasm for my mum.

"If everyone wants too. But it's quite the hike from London to Louisiana." I admit.

My mum moved to America to look after my grandparents the second I became dependent and moved out. She says I should've moved to America with her but I quite like this.

"Yeah, but I mean it would be fun. Don't you think?" Harry questioned my contribution.

"Well, of course but Im not sure if you all want to travel that far off." I smirked at them. They both gave me 'you've got to be kidding me' looks.

"Stop worrying about us." Anne insisted.

"Well, looks like we're going to America!" Harry squeezed the top of my leg.

"Yes I suppose we are." Anne smiled at the both of us the stood up. We did the same following her to the front door. "Well, as you both know Gemma's birthday is nearing in and I would like to throw a surprise ball for her. It'll be held next week Saturday. I expect both of you there." She winked before wrapped me and then harry into a hug. We said our good byes and she left. We both stood behind the closed door quietly until a smile crept on our faces and laughter roared throughout the flat.

I dropped to my knees still laughing and Harry sat down pretzel legged across from me. My laughter died down and then we were sat staring at each other.

"I love you." He smiled grabbing my hand in his.

"I love you too, but I'm off to bed considering it is 8.00 at night it's been pretty eventful as it is." I pushed myself off the floor. He stood up too pulling me by the waist against him.

"We can sleep together." He growled in my ear.

"We just tried that and your mum caught us." I joked mockingly. He gave a fake chuckle, scooping me in his arms, and carrying me to his bed. He tossed me on it, and took off his top crawling in the other side.

He pulled me closer, and held me tighter. I moaned getting cozy as his warm breath tickled my neck and his lips pressed to the top of my healing scar.

"Good night my Rosebud." He whispered as my heart sank and emotions melted into a pile of sappy love thoughts, and unicorns. He used to say that to me every night before I went to bed when we were dating.

I suppose I'm officially Harry's girlfriend. Again.

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